50 Cent Talks Beyonce Getting Hood, Ciara, T.I. & Tiny Drama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

50 Cent stopped by The Breakfast Club recently and he talked a little about Ciara, Beyonce, Jay Z and even T.I. and Tiny.

Here are the highlights.

On the T.I./Tiny/Floyd Mayweather situation, 50 claims that he thinks Floyd may have entertained T.I.’s anger because he isn’t too fond of the rapper’s close friend Nelly:

“And then I think it’s a part of how close T.I. is with Mo, with Nelly. That’s like the second time. Cause Nelly…was with Melissa…[Floyd’s] first baby mother. ¬†Then he end up with Miss Jackson.”

50 then goes on to say that he also thinks T.I. was upset because Floyd paid for Tiny to stay in the same hotel suite he was staying in.

The rapper briefly admits he’s been in love a few times and admits he did fall in love with Ciara:

“I was digging Ciara. Like I was around Ciara for four years.”

On why they broke up:

“I guess just time. It was a small situation but we made it bigger.

“But I don’t usually talk about women because whatever you say is wrong.”

After stating that he feels Jay Z did the right thing by not hitting Solange during the elevator fiasco, 50 also recalls a moment in which he thought Beyonce was going to swing on him because she thought he was getting ready to fight Jay Z at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas:

“One time she jumped up off the ledge and came running over because she thought me and Jay were having issues.

“She jumped down and she was just like ‘What!'”

Check out the interview below:


  1. He would talk about Ciara now that’s she’s moved on and joined Future’s sorority of baby mamas.

  2. For some reason I can see Beyonce doing this. She was way too unbothered when Solange went off on Jay like she thought he deserved it, but she didn’t even flinch like she isn’t opposed to kicking some a-s when she needs to just her like her little sis.

  3. I would say I’m glad Ciara left 50 but I don’t think Future is any better. It’s something about him that i just don’t trust. But oh well. She’s forever linked to him now.

  4. When you need attention and all else fails just mention Beyonce. That’s why we can say without a doubt that she is the Kang. People need her to get attention. Hell Kim K’s whole wedding was about Beyonce and Jay Z and they didn’t even show up. That’s real star power.

  5. The Beyonce story was funny. For some reason I think he was telling the truth. That is why I think Jay did something before Solange kicked his butt in the elevator. Bey’s behavior just seemed like she felt like he deserved it.

  6. Bey walked out of that elevator and looked at Solo with a smirk on her face. She approved that a-s whooping Jay got. And that is why I kind of like her now. Lol.

  7. Had everything to say about everybody else but his own ish. Nothing about why he missed his son graduation or he feels bad about missing it. Anything to relating to becoming a better father and learning from his mistakes. Same old selfish 50 cent.

  8. He’s always in someone else’s business like he doesn’t have his own problems to worry about.

  9. Wait a minute. Am I getting here that some of you feel that this man ‘deserved’ to be physically assaulted?

  10. 50 is turning into Wendy Williams. If he ain’t in the spotlight because of baby mama drama he’s in the spotlight due to his opinions on other celebrities. #HotTopicsQueen

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