K Michelle Puts Lance Stephenson on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle has had no qualms sharing with her fans about her struggles with men and relationships. And when she dated Indiana Pacers player Lance Stephenson, she shared most of their drama to Twitter and Instagram.

The former couple went their separate ways after it was revealed that Lance was still sleeping with his baby mama Feby Torres and even got her pregnant despite being in a relationship with K Michelle.

Lance is currently in a relationship with his baby mama again but K Michelle just confirmed on Twitter that he’s still very much interested in her as well:

k michelle twitter

Interestingly enough, a few weeks ago K Michelle reportedly got into with Lance’s baby mama on Instagram and told her she is still sleeping with him.



  1. So she’s ok with giving him the time of the day knowing he’s still messing around with his baby mama too. Why am I not surprised?

  2. K Michelle loves the fact that he’s a baller. Because of that reason alone she will continue to be his side chick. If he wasn’t in the NBA, she would have been left him alone already.

  3. This is sad and pathetic. The man cheated on her and got his BM pregnant while they were together and she’s still dealing with him? She’s stupid. I’m sorry.

  4. Eh, she’s determined to get back at his baby mama by any means necessary. Even if it means still dealing with Lance on the side. If you ask me, she’s mad at the wrong person. But this is typical for a lot of women sadly.

  5. Pathetic. But I expect nothing less from K Michelle. She makes terrible decisions when it comes to men. I’m starting to think she likes it because it gives her song ideas.

    1. Well they didn’t like Mary or Keyshia when they were making happy music so you may be on to something.

  6. K. Michelle is determined to let some young NBA player beat up that kitty cat. It’s cool. All the R&B birds are doing it.

  7. She’s so foolish. Now why would she even want Lance after how he did her? He’s already shown her he can’t be trusted. SMDH!

  8. She’s another one who lies and says she wants a good man but her actions prove time and time again she really doesn’t. If she did, she wouldn’t spend so much time on men who don’t give a damn about her. She likes being treated bad, lied to and cheated on.

  9. BOSSIP just stole this from y’all UB. Damn they stay stealing! And look, all they do is rewrite the paragraphs y’all wrote:

    We reported that reality star and singer K.Michelle had been dating Indiana Pacers baller Lance Stephenson, right after we broke the new relationship we received a tip that Stephenson was still smashing the mother of his two-year-old daughter who is now expecting again!

    K.Michelle seemed to ignore the rumors her baller boo was cheating on her but had been sending cryptic posts on her Instagram account insinuating that their was a lot of trouble in paradise:

    K later admitted that the relationship was over and Lance got back with his baby mama, who recently gave birth to their son. Well, months later it looks like Michelle is still smashing her NBA baller to smithereens…

    Welp! Recent reports suggest that a few weeks ago K.Michelle reportedly went HAM on Lance’s baby mama, Feby Torres on Instagram and told her she is still having sex with him.

    That’s f-cked up. I just wondered if any of caught that yet.

    1. Yeah they steal from UB all the time and don’t source them. They only do that because they think UB is small enough that no one will catch it. SMH.

    2. LOL y’all just now noticing Bossip takes stuff from this site? That’s why I don’t go on there anymore. I just come here and call it a day since they are just going to steal it and post it on there later anyway.

      1. “That’s why I don’t go on there anymore. I just come here and call it a day since they are just going to steal it and post it on there later anyway.” >>>> Exactly.

    3. I don’t go to Bossip anymore because the comments on there are racist and they always trash black women. Too many trolls for me.

    4. You’re late as hell lmao but your name on here is hilarious. You better stop before you get banned.

    1. No he’s not but I’m thinking he’s got some awesome oral skills or something because he keeps his BM and K pressed.

  10. I’m not here for her bird antics but I came to say I love the weave she’s rocking in that picture. I’m natural and I need to do something with this hair because it’s too hot and humid in Florida. I think I may get braids.

  11. I really thought she had left this loser alone. Oh well. I keep thinking she has more sense than she actually does.

  12. I agree with the commentator who said K Michelle would be back with JR Smith if he wanted her. She’s very talented but you can tell she is still dealing with issues tied to having low self esteem. She constantly picks the wrong men to get attached to.

  13. Well if she wants to be stupid, it’s her choice. Just don’t keeping making those men ain’t ish songs when you purposely only date the bad ones.

  14. K. Michelle also followed that up saying that Lance was not her man and that they would always be friends. K. Michelle likes to polk fun and joke if you all have not noticed. Anyways for the people who want to be caught up on who she is dating…she was dating Meek Mill for a while (When she started rocking his chain Jay Z & Beyoncé Style) but she wanted more from the relationship then the material things that he was offering so they just recently went there separate ways right before his birthday in Vegas. She is currently dating Bobby Maze (Basketball Player), but it is still new… Now catch all that good tea….lol

    1. I just read her entire timeline after she posted this tweet and she did not say she is just friends with Lance. So you’re lying about that, which makes me also think you’re lying about Bobby Maze.

    2. First, I don’t lie nor do I have to lie… She must have deleted it. Anyways, I am a fan and I am pretty in tune on what’s going on so believe or not.. Zero F%*^K’S Given…

    3. Meek Mill?! LMAOOOOO! I thought they were just friends, I didn’t think she was dumb enough to date him too. I guess she missed the part about him treating his baby mama like a piece of trash and always having a whole harem of THOTs. She has the craziest taste in men!

  15. Also that person K. Michelle was going back and forth with was Taj Gibson’s (Chicago Bull’s) Baby Mother. She has a brief relationship with him and the baby momma came under her friend IG talking mess so K. Michelle confirmed a few facts for her.

    1. So she likes smashing basketball players and she’s now on her fourth one? Got it. You’re actually making her sound even more messy. Aren’t you a fan?

      1. I guess the child has a thing for tall men with money. Who cares what a person’s profession is. When you are on that financial level that are going to be the people you are exposed to and are your peers. Come on people be smarter. She is dating… If it doesn’t work out she will continue to date. And if the next person has the same profession, O’ well.

        1. The funny thing is if she wasn’t famous, you’d call her a groupie. But she gets a pass because she sings? Cool. It’s her vag. If she wants to keep dating athletes who do nothing but dog her out, that’s on her. But don’t keep making songs about all men being terrible when you keep going after the same type of men who don’t mean you any good. She’ll be in her 40s and still be single because she has bad taste in men. But continue to stan for her. I’m out.

  16. I don’t understand this chick. Why would she tweet anything that makes it seem like she is still messing around with Lance? It just makes her look stupid.

  17. Personally if you cheat on me and get some other girl pregnant while you’re with me, I’m out. I’m ceasing all communication and we can’t even be friends. There’s no need in me hanging on to someone who didn’t even respect me when we were together. But maybe that’s just me. It’s a lot of weak women out here and they think they are hard when they keep holding on to these trifling men. And it’s always the ones who have the most mouth too, like K Michelle.

    1. Yeah I don’t understand why she would still want to be friends with him either after what he did to her. If you mistreat me when we’re together, you’ve already shown me you won’t be a good friend either. And if she is still sleeping with him, that is even worse.

  18. She shouldn’t have tweeted this. It can be taken in so many ways and all of those ways are messy. I wish she would learn how to behave on social media. It’s supposed to be a platform to promote your music, not cause drama and rumors. This is why she will never be a huge artist and a real star. She’s too childish.

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