Kandi Burruss Tops NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes’ wedding spinoff “I Dream of NeNe” did pretty good ratings wise back when she remarried Gregg Leakes, but it appears the self-proclaimed RHOA queen has now been outdone.

Kandi Burruss’ wedding special brought in huge numbers and the show has officially dethroned NeNe’s.

The newlywed posted the following to Instagram and writes in the caption:

kandi burruss instagram

Thank you sooooooo much to everyone that watched, talked about, & spread the word for our premier episode of #KandisWedding. Because of you we had 2.4 million viewers!!!!!! Im so thankful for my husband @Todd167, my family, friends, & the crew that all were a part of making this show happen. I love yall! Please make sure to watch episode 2 this Sunday at 8pm on BRAVO! #imtooexcited


The season premiere of “Kandi’s Wedding” brought in about 2.4 million viewers while “I Dream of NeNe” brought in 1.56 million.


  1. It’s the Mama Joyce effect. I hope Kandi really is content with aiding her mother in selling out for a quick buck and a spinoff show.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. You didn’t know I mama Joyce was gonna drag Carmen or Todd or both and do the fool in the process. Anyway good for Kandi

    2. Exactly! Sorry Kandi, love you girl, but no one tuned in for you. Every one wanted to see your rachet mother throw her shoe at Todd. Plus all the constant IGs and tweets you were dropping got you those big ratings.

  2. I hate to have to admit it but Mama Joyce has a lot to do with those ratings. Everybody that I know watched just to see how mama Joyce acted. Take away mama Joyce, Kandi and Todd are just a regular boring couple.

  3. People are only watching for Mama Joyce. That’s why I’m not surprised she has her own show coming out now.

  4. I like Kandi. The first episode was cool. I just wonder if Kandi will regret giving her mother a platform to embarrass herself a few years from now.

  5. This is why I think Momma Joyce is just acting and putting on a show. She was nothing like that when Kandi first started doing RHOA.

    1. Once you write your first bad check, or open your first credit card in your daughter’s name (unbeknownst to her), it’s easier to get turnt up.

  6. We all know people are only watching for Mama Joyce and her shenanigans. But I’m happy for Kandi.

  7. Yep. Gotta agree that Mama Joyce is what’s bringing in the viewers. The Kandi Factory was cancelled before the first season was up (wasn’t it), so what does that tell you?

  8. Her mother is the true star of the show. I don’t know how Kandi is ok with her mom carrying on the way she does for the cameras. But whatever, I guess I should say congrats?

  9. Congrats, it definitely helps to have Mama Joyce acting a fool this go round. Kandi’s first attempt a spin-off didn’t do so well when the focus was on her talent and skills (all positives). People are more interested in watching a grown woman act like a petulant child, congrats indeed.

  10. Mamma Joyce needs a LIFE!!!! The only reason she’s acting a fool on the show is because she can continue to get her own check and get paid!!!. Don’t buy into the hype. The show is semi REALITY lol lol lol It seems like the worse you act on the show the bigger your check gets.!!!! Mamma Joyce is on the come up you can see it in the car she drives and the clothes she wares now….

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