Wendy Williams Has Some Words for Rihanna

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

 By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Believe it or not, folks are still talking about Rihanna’s controversial choice of an outfit for this year’s CFDA Awards, and as a result, the singer has been a trending topic on Twitter for the last 24 hours. Wendy Williams now joins Rihanna on the trending topics list considering Rihanna’s fans have been dragging the talk show host for hours for having some words for Rihanna’s choice of dress.

Wendy called Rihanna out for being “inappropriate” and feels like it she was ratchet for walking out the house with her entire body on display:

 “She’s got a really terrific body and she’s a really beautiful girl, but as far as I’m concerned, she’s totally inappropriate for walking out the house with this outfit on.

“This is the kind of outfit…that when you invite all of your friends over and you’re hosting your down low sex party…then you wear this outfit. And you smoke your blunts out of a cigarette holder and you walk around like you own the joint. But you don’t walk out of the house like this.

“Since when is public nudity ok?”


Wendy also made it clear that she doesn’t think Rihanna is even a fashion icon, more so just a risk taker who doesn’t mind taking a controversial approach to fashion:

“Rihanna is a risk taker. I don’t really consider her a fashion icon. I consider her a risk taker and it’s nothing wrong with that. I think that Jennifer Lopez is a fashion icon. Jennifer Lopez shows you just enough to leave you wanting more, which is what a lady does.

“And I think Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon.”



Check out the video below:


  1. Wendy’s stupid. She’s giving Rihanna exactly what she wanted…ATTENTION. Rihanna only wore this because she has to get naked to keep people talking about her because she can’t sing for sh-t. Nothing she does shocks me anymore, and honestly no one should be shocked about her coming out the house naked when she used to be naked all the time on Instagram.

      1. I actually have a BETTER body than Rihanna. You know, I actually have a small waist, with an a-s and boobs. But I still don’t walk out the house looking like a cheap hooker. You’re welcome.

        1. It’s easy to say you look good when you’re behind a computer screen and you’re name on here is “anonymous.” I bet you eat cheetos for breakfast.

          1. @ Anonymous *yawns* Nothing you say will change the fact that Rihanna is on top. Let me guess, you’re salty your fave keeps flopping, huh? Go ahead and vent. I know you have to cope somehow.

        2. Rihanna’s outfit costs more than that shack you currently live in. There’s nothing cheap about her. Have a seat.

      1. Not hating, just speaking facts. But if it makes you feel better to write this off as hate to feel better about me dragging your fave…by all means call me a hater.

        1. Gril bye. You’re not speaking facts. Rihanna’s voice is subjective! You may not think she can’t sing, but others do. You may think she dresses like a cheap hooker, but most people love her sense of fashion and that’s why she was honored for it at the awards! You’re probably one of those miserable souls who said she’d be washed up after her second album and now she’s had more hits than most of your faves! Suck it up, she’s here to stay. And that’s why you’re really mad.

      1. Get a job Melissa. Licking Rihanna’s boney butt crack all day and pretending to be her “assistant” isn’t a real career.

        1. But you’re on here hating for free. You go hard like you’re getting a check for it but you’re still broke. How does that work?

  2. I don’t see the big deal. Why is it that a woman’s body always makes insecure women and sexist men so angry? I’ll never understand it.

  3. I would never step out the house wearing that, but it should be expected from Rihanna by now. I’m surprised people are so passionate about this. We’ve seen her more naked than this. It’s her body, and her choice to wear what she wants.

  4. Fashion icon? Well nope. I see Rihanna going back to older trends and making them relevant again in today’s era but she doesn’t originate anything fashion or even hair wise.

    1. You are 100% right. Back In 2007 She Started Wearing Bamboo Earrings and the next thing you know every girl from around the way had them. Something that was a huge trend during the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s. She started rocking a bob which is a 90’s hairstyle then the asymmetrical cut which we all know Salt N Pepa for. Nothing original

  5. Look, the outfit was definitely polarizing. You either loved or you didn’t. What is interesting to me about the “pearl clutchers”, is that this has been done quite a bit before, yet they act like Rihanna broke the mold. If ever their was a time to take a fashion risk, it was most definitely at a fashion event like the CDFA. Plus, it was an homage to Josephine Baker who wore less in her performances than Rihanna was wearing. Her birthday was the next day.

  6. Why does this even matter? It’s a shame we live in a time when singers are more concerned with becoming fashion icons than actually I don’t know…singing. I don’t care what she wears. Her music is why she should be celebrated. I don’t get the outrage.

  7. I think Fashion will always be a subjective discussion. Some love this, others are unmoved. That’s just how it is.

  8. Look Rihanna is an icon whether people want to admit it or not. When she does anything, be it hair or what she wears…other women follow. Just give her props and keep it moving. Sheesh.

  9. Rihanna was paying homage to Josephine Baker. Wendy’s just made no one wants to see her tack headed self in a dress like that. I guess she forgot she posed nude for PETA.

  10. Wendy is entitled to her opinion, but I don’t agree. I think Rihanna looked great, she pulls of sexy well and I think that is what makes so many people upset. Whenever a woman is confident enough to show of her body, people get angry. It’s just so typical now.

  11. I wish Wendy would shut her mouth. She has an opinion on everything except her tranny chasing husband.

  12. My personal opinion is I didn’t like it exposed too much to me. I dont like the dress. But I don’t care I expect Rihanna to wear this because she dresses similar to this all the time. I’m not hating that’s my opinion sometimes I don’t like what Beyonce wears or whoever wears. Case closed some people loved it some people hated it everybody has an opinion. It is about a dress not about Rihanna vocals, bank account or whatever else.

  13. I liked the dress, I think if you have a body for it, which she does, then why not take the risk #shrugs

  14. She said the truth. A woman should be able to be a fashion powerhouse without being naked. Leave something to the imagination.

  15. I don’t know, this really isn’t that crazy to me (when looking at clothing she normally chooses to wear). I didn’t understand why people were outraged when she was just naked on a magazine cover like a month ago? I don’t even like her and I think people are being extra over this.



  18. Listen, this sheer curtain was inappropriate and if she would have been anywhere else or a regular person she would have been arrested for indecent exposure. This was waaaay over the top. How do you sit in a room full of people butt a-s naked like its ok??

  19. I realized this is the reason (CELEBS) ARE FAMOUS ! because of the comments and blogs and FIGHTS NEVER WILL STOP! You are making these blogs more money including Ri y’all don’t get it but the ones that love or hates Rih your the ones making her famous rather you like it or not ADULT WOMEN UP HERE FIGHTING ABOUT A DAWN DRESS!! It’s sad why are you fighting with each other be a woman who cares it just really hurts me seeing y’all try to act like you got your stuff together but up here fighting bout a dress and just because rih got money or her dress is more than a house does that make her better HELL NO IT DONT! Some of these women on here have college degrees something rih don’t yet we are still women and our own boss rise each other not stomp each other SADDLY I’m a 20 year old woman and half of you are older this is a site for opinions but be a woman about it please <3

  20. I love me some rihanna. But I must say that what she wore was ratchet. We are living in a time where ratchetness is now cool and cute.

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