Peter Thomas Slams LHHATL

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA husband Peter Thomas came under fire last season for getting so involved in the drama that took place between the housewives, but he still feels he and the other husbands bring a lot to the show, and their opinions are valuable.

In particular, he still isn’t happy NeNe Leakes called him a b*tch and that so many people agreed with her sentiments. He tells Uptown Magazine:

“What sense does it make for me to be on the show and simply be quiet? It makes no sense for any of the men to just sit back and not open our mouths. If the women on the show don’t want me to say sh*t, they shouldn’t have the conversations in my presence.”

Peter then goes on to say that he’s confident that more screen time from the husbands is part of the reason the show just wrapped up its most successful season yet. And considering that their special “Husbands Revealed” scored higher ratings than self-proclaimed RHOA Kenya Moore’s one on one with Andy Cohen via “Watch What Happens Live,” it’s safe to say Peter may be right.

Despite helping the show’s ratings, it’s also important to mention that the show’s first full-blown physical altercation also didn’t happen until the husbands got more screen time. But Peter wants to make it clear that despite RHOA wrapping up it’s most controversial season yet, the show is nothing like LHHATL:

“We are not Love and Hip Hop, ok? We are not on that bullsh*t. Good for them. I’m really cool with some of those guys. But I take my responsibility much more seriously and it’s not to project that foolishness that they have going on.”


    1. Totally agree! This last season was a hop, skip, and jump away from being L&HHATL part 2, so Peter can go sit his trifling behind down

    1. Maybe he’s on his period! This is exactly why NeNe called him a b!tch. Why are u going around giving interviews dude? The only other dude that gave an interview was Apollo and at least he was talkin about going to prison.

    1. Well Housewives hasn’t been classy since season one but I do agree Kenya made it a lot more ratchet. But that’s what Bravo wanted.

    2. Thats a lie. Phaedra and nene are rachet. Kenya is not rachet hater. She very classy with a little drama.

      1. I’ll take you seriously once you can learn how to express yourself without using the word “hater.” Ready, set, GO!

        1. Ok. Kenya Moore have a lot of people that don’t like her. That’s fine, why so much negatively towards her. She had 1.5 millions viewers that saw her interview, she still did good. Even if it was 50,000 viewers that’s still alot.

          1. She gets negativity because she’s on a reality show sis. Generally speaking, all of the ladies get slammed. It comes with the territory. Kenya and NeNe get the most hate because they are the biggest villains on the show. It’s to be expected. Why does that bother you so much?

  1. Anytime there’s a fight on a show, it will forever be viewed as ratchet. I don’t care what they try to do next season. RHOA has changed a lot. I think Peter is in denial about it.

  2. RHOA is ratchet and they have to get even more ratchet now to sustain those high ratings. I expect more in your face arguments and fights. #shrugs

  3. I see everyone on the show is going to keep deluding themselves and pretending they are better than the other ratchets on LHH.

  4. Nope. RHOA is heading in the same direction as LHHATL. Everything about RHOA is so blatantly contrived now.

  5. Don’t blame kenya Moore for the show being rachet……Porsha, nene, and phaedra are super ratchet and dramatic. They bring it to another level. All kenya do is entertain ya. If the show was boring who would watch it.

    1. Kenya made the show ratchet! I’m putting ALL the blame on her! Now what are you going to do? Spank me?

        1. That’s the whole point, we DON’T want to watch her. We want her and her nasty, liared behind off our tv screens.

  6. People really need to stop comparing RHOA To LHHATL. A blind person can see that LHHATL Is as Ratchet as they come full of fake storylines for entertainment purposes. RHOA is far from ratchet. None of those ladies represent ratchetness not even Kenya crazy a$$. I think the ratings are higher than ever because the show is now more appealing and relatable to us normal folk. Remember when the show first started all of them (Kim, Sheree, Lisa, DeShawn) with the exception of Nene lived extremely lavish lifestyles spending thousands of dollars on jewelry and cars and everything was about the “who’s who of Atlanta” and all that BS. The concept of the show has changed because now you see all of the housewives going through real life everyday issues (family & marriage, friendships, finances, work, etc..) that we can relate too along with some powerful reads LOL. You can’t compare the show to LHHATL just because you seen one or two fights because there fights wasn’t as brutal as the ones you see on LHHATL (or LHHNY) where you see glass being thrown, and ppl bleeding all over the place IJS.

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