Daniel Gibson Sets the Record Straight on Failed Marriage to Keyshia Cole

Photo Credit: Rolling Out Magazine
Photo Credit: Rolling Out Magazine

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Daniel Gibson talks about Keyshia Cole and cheating rumors? Daniel and Keyshia have been open about their troubled marriage and now that the couple is separated, it appears Daniel is ready to tell his side to their downfall.

In a recent interview with Rolling Out Magazine, the former NBA player takes on the cheating accusations and explains why he thinks things didn’t work out.

On whether or not he cheated on Keyshia:

“No…Well, let me put it like this. I won’t say that I didn’t cheat, but I will say that I cheated my wife out of a friend in a lot of situations where I was supposed to hold her down and I didn’t. I cheated my wife out of a lot of different things. I feel like when we got together, I thought I was a man, and I thought I had it all figured out but I didn’t. I think I was like 23 when we met, and so a lot of mistakes that you shouldn’t make as a man in a relationship with your wife, I made. So you can go down the line — I probably made every mistake.”


He also denies that he had anything going on with a stripper from Texas:

“As far as the whole stripper thing goes, of course I went to the strip club and had a picture taken of me with a stripper.

“But what I’ve been trying to figure out when I hear people gossiping and talking is, since when do two pictures constitute a relationship? It only happens that way when the media tries to paint a picture that this is what happened to our relationship.”


  1. He’s very childish. And when you’re childish, it’s hard to stay married because you can’t get over yourself enough to put your spouse’s needs first.

  2. Well that was a confusing interview. If he cheated, he should have just been real and admitted he cheated. He talked around the question.

  3. It’s disappointing that they didn’t work out but marriage is hard work. It’s not for the faint at heart. I think they may have rushed into it.

  4. Immaturity ruined this relationship on both sides. I knew it was over when they started shading each other on social media everyday. TI and Tiny are next.

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