Dwight Howard & Royce Reed Make Peace?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former “Basketball Wives Miami” star Royce Reed is known for taking her ex Dwight Howard to task quite a few times on social media, and she’s even had a Twitter beef with his current girlfriend and newest baby mama Christine Vest.

Royce never had an issue putting Dwight on blast for their legal battles surrounding child support and a pesky gag order which prevented Royce from being able to talk about Dwight during season two of BBW, so it’s no wonder why many were suspecting the former reality star would have some slick comments to make regarding a teenager accusing the athlete of flying her and a friend to Florida to meet at a hotel.

However, Royce shockingly remained silent during the whole ordeal which ended up blowing up on Twitter but according her latest Instagram posts, it appears she and Dwight may have ended their longstanding feud.

Royce posted a photo recently of their son Braylon getting to know his new dog, which turns out to be a gift from his dad:

royce reed instagram

A quick glance of Dwight’s Instagram account also confirms he’s been spending quite a bit of time with Braylon as of late too despite earlier issues.

So could these two now be on pretty good terms? It sure does look that way. So don’t expect Royce to address Dwight’s latest scandal.


  1. I won’t lie. I was waiting for Royce to get messy when Dwight got called out by that teenager. But it’s cool. You can’t be mad at grown folks acting grown. That’s what’s up.

  2. There used to be a time when he could come and play in Florida and wouldn’t even see his son. Now they are spending time together and he bought him a dog. That’s awesome.

  3. I wish more people would do this. The child is most important and kids really want their parents to get along. I wish them the best.

  4. This is nice to see. I hope they can stay on good terms. If not she’ll be back to shading him on Twitter in no time.

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