Stevie J’s Lawyer Sets the Record Straight

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For months now, it’s been reported that one of Stevie J’s baby mamas hired an attorney to go after him because the reality star owes over $1 million in unpaid child support, and he was arrested the other day as a result. But Stevie’s lawyer is speaking out since the reality star was released on bond, and his lawyer says the amount his ex claims he owes is BS.

Access Atlanta reports:

Stevie J’s attorney Daniel R. Meachum released a statement denying the $1.1 million amount as accurate. In fact, he used the word “preposterous.”

Having reviewed the criminal complaint that we were given in court, we find it mathematically impossible for my client to have been that supportive financially over the years and the allegations of him owing a million dollars. We think the alleged amount is preposterous. We plan on proving that if there is an amount owed, it is definitely not a million dollars, nor anything close to that amount.


      1. …and not owning that mausoleum he likes to call the white house”. Stebbie and Jose are straight up frauds and grifters.

  1. It’s not hard to believe that he owes a million in child support when it’s already been said he doesn’t pay child support for any of his kids, not even the one he has with Mimi.

  2. $1 million or not, point is Stebbie owes a ton of money in child support. Arguing over how much is just semantics, and a total waste of time.

  3. The amount doesn’t matter. Why is he refusing to pay any child support for all of his kids? They say in the court documents he’s already made over $100,000 for LHHATL and he gets like $100,000 annually from music he did years ago. So what’s the problem?

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