Kandi Burruss Responds to Prenup Backlash

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss may have a hit show with “Kandi’s Wedding” but the reality star is catching lots of backlash for showing viewers all the drama that went down before her big day.

In her wedding special, so far we’ve seen the drama between Mama Joyce and Todd’s mom get so explosive that both almost came to blows, but another big subject folks are discussing on social media is the details in the prenup Kandi required Todd to sign before they tied the knot.

Todd expressed on the show that he wasn’t happy with all of the terms, but Kandi felt it was necessary to protect herself financially if the marriage didn’t work out.

And as we reported weeks ago, Todd refused to sign the prenup the night before the wedding.

The most controversial details of the prenup are Todd will receive nothing if Kandi dies, and he must leave the house in 30 days if they ever broke up.

After her mentions got ugly last night, the reality star decided to hop on Twitter and respond to the criticism. She tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

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  1. I wouldn’t expect broke people to understand a good prenup. Why is Kandi even explaining herself to these fools?

    1. Lol. I don’t understand why they are mad at her either. Todd has only been in the picture for like two years. Kandi accumulated wealth long before she even knew him. She doesn’t have to give him half of sh-t if she doesn’t wan’t to. Now if she wanted to do that like a lot of men do, that’s a nice gesture but she doesn’t owe him half of her fortune.

  2. Honestly a fair prenup is one that states everyone walks away with what they came in the marriage with. And I think that’s what Kandi’s prenup says. Why are people mad she doesn’t want Todd walking away with half of her money? Just last season they called him a gold digger but now they want him to get half? I don’t understand people.

        1. I’m a woman who is always, ALWAYS in favor of a prenup. Have seen far too many children, employees and business partners suffer under the result of some silly person who didn’t protect their interest with a prenup.

  3. The fact that Todd didn’t want to sign it shows it was about money for him. If he does not want any of Kandies money he would have sign it with no problem. MAMA Joyce might see something we don’t. Kandie was smart to do a prenup now we will see if Todd didn’t want her money.

  4. Unfortunately, it’s a “catch 22”, because Kandi has to protect herself, without being unfair in the arrangement. I think they may’ve definitely discussed most of the terms, but he was hurt with the clauses about him not getting anything if she died (which she has since amended), and him having to vacate the house after 30 days if they divorce. After talking to Bethenny, and hearing what her ex did to her with their apartment, Kandi was right to put that in the contract – sorry Todd.

    At the end of the day, Kandi is right, and so is Todd. Prenups are harsh, but necessary. Plus, after Kim’s trifling a-s did her so dirty, Kandi knows to get a contract with everything and everybody moving forward.

  5. I still think Todd is a good guy. He has a nice job and makes nice money too so I don’t know why people are still trying to play him all the time. Now I agree both should protect their money just in case they do divorce, but it may have been too unfair for Todd. I’m sure they worked it out before the wedding so both were happy in the end.

  6. People don’t like prenups. And they really don’t like rich people. People were never going to side with Kandi on this one because she’s rich and she’s the one who pushed for the prenup.

  7. He has a working brain, two good working legs and will power so why does Kandi have to give him any of her money if they divorce?

  8. I think when it’s all said and done in a few years Kandi is going to regret sharing so much about her life/relationship for the sake of a TV show.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with having a prenup. And with divorce rates as high as they are, even those who aren’t rich should have them.

  10. I don’t see anything wrong with her having a prenup, but to say he has to get out a home that she clearly stated 2 seasons ago that he put money in to help purchase I think is a bit harsh. I know she amended it, but c’mon, if I put in a large amount of money with a guy to buy a home and if we divorced I have to vacate in 30-days I would see that as unfair too, especially if my name is on the deed! I also don’t think if I was married to a good guy and something happened to me, I wouldn’t leave anything monetary behind for him. I think some of the clauses were a bit unfair but I’m glad they worked it out. Kandi does have to protect herself, but you can’t take away the fact that Todd has contributed recently in some type of way.

  11. Why are people mad? Kandi is right if she didn’t do the prenup they would still be calling her stupid. She can’t win.

    1. Mama Joyce might have had a point. I saw the show and Todd was just acting so weird. He said he didn’t want her money but last night I could not tell the way he was acting. His ass came with nothing so he should only leave with what he came with and half of what ever they make together after they get married.

  12. Todd must be an opportunist. He allowed his lawyer to assume that he was working for Kandi and not being paid. This caused his lawyer feel the need to state to Kandi’s lawyer that he should be compensated if they divorce since he has worked for Kandi with no pay. That is just greedy. You already got paid off her talent and ideas now if you two divorce you think you deserve half of her earnings after she already paid you 50% of what was earned on the play or any other projects. I wouldn’t be able to trust him.
    Anyhow what type of man turns down jobs to follow his woman. Very weird, he just may be an opportunist. He needs to use his big head to come up with his own money making ideas.–Typical

    1. When he says that he turned down jobs for Kandi, like that was somehow honorable, he lost me.

  13. I believe that Todd & Kandi do love each other. But She has wanted Todd under foot the last two years. He sacrificed by not traveling to take jobs for her. I don’t think she realizes how much she and Todd are going to have to travel in the next few years. She made the comment that he needs to make his money. But she needs to understand that there are consequences to that. Especially after that prenup. I feel he is going to go hard for his and will not be her lap dog because he got stung. He didn’t realize how heartless she could be. They will eventually grow apart. But she should have at the very least compensated him for the money he put in for their future. It was a bigger sacrifice for him because he was willing to give his last for her. But she couldn’t even give him a small settlement. Just as a thank you.

  14. Kandi.. I gained so much respect for her when it came to the pre-nup. I thought she would be a push over and let Todd gain what he hasn’t earned. This girl has sought her fortune through blood and tears. So. For someone like todd to say its not about the money and his actions is all about the money. Makes me question his integrity. Mama joyce was right. His actions speaks louder than words oppurtunist. Protect yourself girl. Gained so much respect for u. Luv u

  15. Ordinarily, prenups are used to protect what you have coming in to a marriage – which is understandable. What’s different about Kandi’s is that she is protecting what she makes DURING the marriage. If you don’t trust him enough to share your life completely, why marry?

  16. He deserves something for putting up with mamma Joyce. I think the part where he gets nothing if she dies is harsh. He’s her husband and family once they are married. Why wouldn’t she leave him something dips she died? Leave him the house they shared or something.

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