Kenya Moore Learns from Walter Jackson Fiasco

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore’s love life continues to be confusing to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans, and it all started when her former flame Walter Jackson told Atlanta radio station V-103 that she asked him to fake an on-screen romance to secure her spot on the reality show.

Kenya has denied the claims adamantly, but there’s still plenty of people who believe Walter’s side of the story.

Since WalterGate, Kenya has been tied to a married man, as well as a mystery man on Instagram. But she still hasn’t confirmed who she’s dating these days. It’s also being rumored that she will reveal a new man in the upcoming season.

A new Blind Item from Crazy Days and Crazy Nights suggests that Kenya is set for season seven and she won’t have another Walter situation on her hands because this time she’s paid the right person:

This Real Housewife is faking her new relationship because she thinks she can get another season on the show if she has another fake boyfriend. This one she has fully committed and paid and won’t flake like the last one.



Honestly, we doubt Kenya will bring any man on the show ever again thanks to the Walter fiasco, so we’re labeling this as gossip for now.


  1. I will just skip all of Kenya’s scenes next season. I’m not interested in her fake relationships and fake life. No thanks.

  2. I agree UB she’s never going to bring another one of her fake boyfriends on the show again. She knows it won’t fly and everyone knows how much of a liar she is.

    1. Sorry, but y’all giving Ms Bath Salts way too much credit. She will do whatever is necessary to keep her five fans stanning on these sites for her, even if it means shopping at Target for another man. Kenya has no shame!

  3. She’s better off investing that money and trying to have a real career. How did she go from Miss USA to RHOA? Dreadful.

  4. I don’t understand why she can’t just get a man and keep him like people in normal relationships do. Why do you need to pay to play?

    1. Because she’s crazy. You can be beautiful all day long but if you’re crazy, it will turn men off.

  5. These people along with Mona Scott have ruined reality tv for me. They fake everything and they don’t want to show you the real them. So what’s the point in watching? I can watch better scripted shows that actually have real plots and real actresses.

  6. I think she is just going to bore us to death again with her whole baby storyline. I don’t think she will have a man next season.

  7. It doesn’t really matter because Kenya is only interesting when she’s annoying the other ladies who have actual lives/careers/kids/men.

  8. Kenya will bring fake guy to the show cause she has no storyline but what she won’t be doing is mess with Porsha.

  9. Of course. She has convinced herself she’s playing a role and missed the whole point of doing reality television. She will never let people see her reality and that’s what makes her boring to me.

  10. So it’s that guy she paid to pretend to be her man on IG cause I know the married man ain’t doing it.

    1. For someone that doesn’t like kenya, how do you know her relationship with men are fake. Ya sure love to hate on kenya.

  11. Lol she’s so ridiculous if this is true. Doesn’t she get exhausted having to fake everything?

  12. I would like to see her real life. If she’s single, so what? Why is she so ashamed? Everything just seems so fake with her.

  13. Kenya’s problem is that she always thinks she’s smarter than everyone else. That may’ve worked back in the day when she had a little claim to fame, and folks gave her the benefit of the doubt. But ain’t nobody got time for an old washed up beauty queen with no prospects, who lies at the drop of a hat, nowadays.

    1. Washed up? She’s 43, nene is 46, phaedra is 42, and u calling her an old. 43 is not old. I believe kenya like to play games with her audience, but she ain’t fake. U can call phaedra fake because she help apollo steal all these annocent people. Plus she knew, kenya was was not in LA with her husband, but she wanted people to think kenya was having an affair with her lying husband……by the way she brought appolo. ..

      1. Aren’t you tired running onto every site to defend her? You must have Google alerts, don’t you?

        You repeat the same old excuses each and everytime, but Kenya’s actions speak volumes. She is a husband-stealing, sh-t stirrer, and liar with mental issues. And yes, an OLD washed up beauty queen!

          1. Lol…..check grammar it for me boo…..ain’t ya tired of hating on kenya.

          2. Who are you? I’m not here for you. UB doesn’t belong to you, you can go fly a kate and mind your own business!!!!! I’m here to support my girl ms. Twirl. …this website doesn’t belong to you….

        1. Kenya is very pretty!!! She look great for 43. I don’t think she’s wash up……She’s a very good entertainer, before she came to the show. Nene was the only one with the drama, now the show is very entertaining……who would watch a boring show…..Kenya is very funny. I love her quote “mirror mirror on the wall I’m the shadiest of them all.” Isn’t she funny!!

  14. LOL and this is why I don’t watch anymore. I’ve been watching real scripted shows now. I’m no longer giving these fake and ghetto scripted reality show any more time. And I’m sure RHOA will start flopping by next season anyway. Between the stanning and trashy people on it, it’s going to start to decline very soon.

  15. How exactly is Kenya going to spin the African prince foolishness? Is she going to act as if she wasn’t pushing that story last season? I was hoping this season would be different but it’s starting to look like a repeat of last season. Bravo has managed to further cheapen this franchise. Not interested.

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