K Michelle Takes Shots at Elle Varner

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle and Elle Varner beef over Meek Mill? K Michelle and Elle Varner used to be besties, but now it appears the R&B singers are no longer friends. The timing for all of this is terrible considering Elle was supposed to make some appearances on K Michelle’s upcoming reality show, but we’re assuming none of that even matters at this point. The other day K Michelle took some not so subtle shots at Elle after she and Meek Mill posted the following to their Instagram accounts:

meek mill instagram

elle varner instagram main



Now the whole #nocurvezone thing is in reference to what Elle said about Meek on Twitter months ago. As you may recall, Elle hopped on Twitter and said she turned down Meek Mill’s advances and he clapped back and denied it went down that way on his Twitter account.

But K Michelle was rumored to be dating Meek a while back, but things didn’t really work out. That didn’t stop her from posting the following after she learned about Meek and Elle’s postings:

k michelle elle varner beef


K Michelle deleted the post and Elle has not responded.


  1. What is K Michelle’s problem? Like I really need to understand why she can’t stay on good terms with any other women. And why does she need to air out all her beefs on Instagram? She’s so childish.

  2. K Michelle reminds me of Azealia Banks. Yes, K has talent and put out an album but she’s still more known for beefs than her actual talents. I really wish she would stop doing this. It makes her look so bad. She needs to handle her issues with Elle in private.

  3. I’m starting to think the real issue is K Michelle hates herself. Anyone who is constantly at odds with other women usually struggles from low self esteem. It was funny at first but now it’s just sad.

  4. K is mad at the wrong person. If Meek smashed and passed, shade him. Don’t come for Elle because he played you. Women always get mad at the wrong person in these situations. Smh.

  5. LOL Elle don’t want do damn crusty a-s Meek Mill. Unlike K. Michelle she can actually do way better.

  6. Somebody said it on twitter perfectly K has been humped and dumped again. This really has nothing to do with Elle and Meek and everything to do with Kmichelle opening her legs to every man that shows her a little attention and mistaking it for something serious than spazzes out smh.

  7. K Michelle is her worst enemy. She got mad over an inside joke and made herself look stupid. That is why she deleted it. I like her talent but she’s got some serious issues outside of her music that she needs to handle before she burns bridges again.

  8. K is wrong as hell for this one. Elle is a very sweet girl. Folks in the industry can back me on that. She will not respond and she saw Meek and apologized to him about the Twitter thing. They took pictures because it was right after they made up. And this is why K Michelle’s career won’t ever get as big as she wants it to. She has a nasty attitude and reacts too fast and it’s hurting her.

  9. Tamar told y’all about this bird. She’s a damn bully and jealous of anyone more successful and attractive than her.

  10. My theory is that K. Michelle co-wrote the song with the intentions of it to be on her album, and Elle V. secretly recorded the song and released it with out K. Michelle knowing it. Because as soon as she released the song, K. was mad as hell. Remember this is not Elle V style… this song has K. Michelle’s signature all over it. Also remember on K. Michelle’s mixed tape the Frank Ocean song “I don’t believe” she states that her best friend stole from her… Again pointing to this song. As far as this picture is concern… since Meek and K. Michelle are freshly getting out of their relationship, this was a little salt in the womb type of reaction that K. Michelle had. So yes her post was an emotional reaction, but I do understand with all that is going on.

  11. I think K. Michelle should learn how to handle things off the internet. It would make her life less stressful.

  12. How is K going to say Elle doesn’t get attention for her music when she only gets attention for her beefs? Girl sit the eff down.

  13. I am not surprised. K will beef with anybody. But she’s not hurting Elle, she’s only hurting herself.

  14. and they were “friends”? lol with friends like these…… smh k michelle acting like they said they were messing with each other its just a pic.she has a horrible attitude and approach to things and thats why people dont take her serious

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