Erica Mena Delivers Commencement Speech for High School Graduation

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica Mena may have nailed the whole controversial reality star thing by fighting on TV and numerous Twitter beefs, but evidently that hasn’t ruined her chances of delivering commencement speeches.

According to VH1, the reality star was asked by the class vice president of New York’s Unity Center for Urban Technologies to deliver the commencement speech for the high school’s graduating class this year.

Here’s a short snippet of Erica’s commencement speech:

As you go through life, you’re going to make mistakes, but it’s not the mistake that counts, it’s how you bounce back! I’m not proud at the route I chose, but because of it I can stand before you today and deliver these words of wisdom. Learn from my story and remember life is what you make it. Where you’re from does not determine where you’re going. You are the creator of your destiny.

erica mena commencement speech


  1. And this is what I was talking about on those RHOA posts. Why are people now putting damn reality stars on pedestals? We’re supposed to clown them, not stan for them. Damn. People have gotten incredibly stupid. It must be in the food.

  2. I’m actually appalled that there’s a segment of the human population who really believes success is shucking and jiving on some raggedy reality show.

  3. Somebody needs be fired. No way in hell this bird should be giving a commencement speech. What the hell is wrong with the people at this school. If I was a parent I would pull my child out of that school immediately.

  4. This is so random. Most schools are trying to get Michelle Obama to speak at the graduations and this one was hype to have Erica there. Well I guess not every school has high standards.

  5. The commencement speaker is usually supposed to be someone inspiring. How is Erica inspiring? Because she managed to get on a reality show? I don’t understand.

  6. This sounds like it was an idea pushed by the students. I bet they didn’t give a damn about the speech and they just wanted someone semi famous to come to their school so they could pose with her on Instagram. Smh.

  7. Bitter much?
    Obviously some people look up to her, like she said she’s not proud of the route she took, but it what it is. Her message was very inspiring. Like all of you are perfect? Please!

    1. Wait, you’re a fan of her “girlfriend” Cyn? I don’t get you people who stan for people on reality shows. I mean you all ride for some of the most basic people. They have no talent, no real career, no intelligence. No real value to society but you’re riding for them because they are ok with exploiting themselves. Are you purposely trying to have low standards in life? If so, you’re doing an impeccable job thus far.

  8. She’s talking like she’s changed but didn’t she just get into a fight at some salon/club like last year when the cameras weren’t even filming? And wasn’t she on the reunion show trying to fight too? I have not seen this growth she’s alluding to.

  9. Is this “school” even accredited? This sounds like some fly by night with a crap certificate, not worth the paper it’s printed on. No wonder they wanted Mena’s trifling behind.

  10. that is so how did that even come about?lol

    *watching lhhny* “oh yea shed be great shes really shown growth in the last season” like wtf?

  11. I can’t say that I’ve ever been one to actually pay attention to commencement speeches, but just based on her reputation alone I’d say that this was a poor choice. Not because she’s been on a reality show or whatever, but because she’s STILL involved in a lifestyle filled with drama. Everybody has a past, but when you’re still living in yours, I don’t think there’s much you could tell me about my future. *shrug*

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