Comedian Rickey Smiley Comes for Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, Porsha Williams has been keeping busy since RHOA wrapped up its sixth season, and now the reality star can add radio personality to her resume thanks to her summer stint on Dish Nation via The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

While Porsha has been getting lots of praise for her new role, her enemy Kenya Moore is not impressed.

In fact, when asked on the red carpet for the BET Awards by Dish Nation how she felt about Porsha’s new role, Kenya snapped and said the following:

“I’m not even sure who you’re talking about. What’s your next question?”

Well Rickey Smiley wasn’t too happy with Kenya’s shade of his current co-host, and he clapped back with the following:

“She knew who her a*s was when she went down to the courthouse and filed those damn assault papers.”

Porsha and the rest of the morning show crew then erupted with laughter.

Check out the video below:


  1. “She knew who her a*s was when she went down to the courthouse and filed those damn assault papers.”

    Drops mic. LMAO!

    1. Guess that’s one gig Kenya won’t be getting in the future. We all know how she loves the copy the other women.

  2. This is why Kenya should have never did this show with the intentions of becoming the villain. It got her physically assaulted at the reunion and now she can never separate herself from that. She’s no longer just the former Miss USA. Now she’s the woman who got dragged on national TV because she thought putting a bullhorn in another woman’s face was “witty.” It’s sad that she ruined her legacy just to be a star on RHOA.

      1. Yeah she is and that’s why I am so disappointed in her. I really thought she would get on RHOA and be so classy and fabulous. But she’s just another pretty ratchet.

      2. Amen! Desperate and pathetic! I hate it because she’s too damn beautiful for all this foolishness!

    1. I agree with that. She really pulled herself down and made herself look like she is from the gutters. There are enough of the crazy-types on tv. She should’ve went the classy route.

  3. So pretending to not know Porsha was the best shade she could come up with? Weak.

    1. It is weak because we all know she knows her. I mean who didn’t see Porsha drag her on the floor by her hair? LOL.

  4. Kenya really needs to work on her shade throwing. That was so weak that she just made Rickey Smily look like a read expert. He annihilated her easily. Smh.

  5. Oh girl bye. I hate how Kenya and NeNe try to act so better than thou. Bishes you’re on a reality show. Y’all are not all that! They are both so arrogant and unlikable!

  6. Ugh this makes me not want to watch next season even more. I’m tired of all the cattiness.

  7. No director in their right mind would cast this PRETENTIOUS TRICK AS MICHELLE OBAMA…. WHAT A INSULT???

  8. Oh you don’t know who she is Kenya? Well she’s the chick who proved to the world that you’re nothing but MOUTH. You know, the same chick who took you by your hair and dragged you on the floor like a rag doll despite you being from Detroit. Try again.

    1. Another, one stuck on stupid!
      Talk Stupid!
      All , the fight proved is Porsha is weak like that third world mop on her head.

      Ricky taking up for his Donkey
      Instead, of trying to put Kenya Moore down. Ricky Smiley needs to concentrate on being a real man.
      Real men, don’t get in BETWEEN TWO WOMEN problems.
      Have to make his Dumb Donkey happy.Betcha,he wished he had a Moose
      Maybe, Porsha can take some lesson of being a woman from a Queen. learning from a Queen.

      1. I’m stuck on stupid but you don’t even know how to use a comma properly DIMWIT? Girl goodbye.

          1. Damn, you can’t be this stupid. Let me spell it out for you, simpleton. I wrote:

            “I’m stuck on stupid but you don’t even know how to use a comma properly DIMWIT? Girl goodbye.”

            I was actually calling you a dimwit because you don’t even know how to use a comma. Hell you don’t even know how to use a period properly. And not only are you a dimwit for not understanding how to use commas, you also don’t know the difference between your and you’re. Stop embarrassing yourself on here. I may not care for Kenya but at least she’s intelligent and articulate unlike yourself. Smh.

  9. Did anybody else see in one of Kenya’s photos with John Legend, that she had some serious underboob sweat, and other unfortunate stains further south on her dress? That sh-t was straight up nasty?

  10. Ricky Smiley needs to stop riding that HORSHA.Looking like a broke down Jimmy the cricket. I have no respect for him, Porsha GOT HIS MIND, MONEY.OLD FART. Porsha using her grandfathers legacy to stay relevant. The drunk was a civil rights activist and his granddaughter video vixen gold-digging ho. I CANNOT STAND RICKY SMILEY! always TRYING TO BE A QUEEN!

  11. Ricky needs to mind his business. I use to love his show. Ricky is a Queen. Porsha is a civil rights leader granddaughter.(Reason , why she stays relevant and on the show) So, Ricky is from Alabama. People keeps saying he’s a Queen. Wow! Ricky act like Kenya said something wrong. Kenya does not have to act like an a-s ,like Porsha does all the time. smdh!

    I WOULDN’T PRESS CHARGES AGAINST Porsha,(she has issues upstairs, living in a world of make believe has to be hard)When you have people fighting your battles.
    Ricky had no reason to get involved(Unless! ??? he rode the horse)
    Porsha has no fight in her, unless she has back up.
    If I was Kenya, Porsha would have got her a-s stomped! To make her butt ,think! Porsha is weak ,fighting someone over words.Someone,should have taught the girl.(MIND still stuck being 15) to be a woman. (WORDS NEVER HURT ANYBODY) Sad! Ricky sad acting like a TRANNY QUEEN

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