Elle Varner Gets Even

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle shocked many when she hopped on Instagram and took shots at her former bestie Elle Varner, and it all went down after Elle posted snaps from an encounter with Meek Mill. While some are saying the true origin of K Michelle’s anger is over a track she feels Elle stole from her, Elle says she plans to take the high road regarding all the drama.

Well Elle may not be saying much or clapping back in a Twitter war but she appears to be sending a strong message by making sure she continues to hang around Meek Mill and even post the photos to Instagram. Here’s photos from a recent Lil Boosie concert:

meek mill instagram

elle varner instagram

As for K Michelle, she hasn’t responded because she just wrapped up a highly praised performance at the Essence Music Festival.


  1. I think Elle needs to focus on her music…say what you want about K but she stays performing and making music. Elle is busy following Meek Mill around.

  2. I hope they are just friends because Meek Mill is really not dating material. She “curved” him for a reason and I hope she remembers that.

  3. i don’t understand why these women are attracted to rappers,because as soon as shyt go south the become scandalous. it never ends good

  4. That’s what K needs to do, stay making the kind of music that gets the critics noticing. Meantime, it’s countdown till Meek dogs Elle out, and she starts crying on social media.

  5. Meek does not want Elle V. and Elle V. does not want Meek. Clearly when Meek sent out the first pic it was to get under K.’s skin. K. didn’t go off until Elle V. reposted it with a heart attached.

    Elle V. is just playing along with the game because this is the most media coverage she has received in a while. Meek has been trying to make K. jealous with his IG posting since they split up in May. This might have worked one time on her, but twice… Everyone see’s what they are doing now.

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