K Michelle Addresses Current Status with Meek Mill & Elle Varner

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several days ago K Michelle made headlines after she took some shots at her former bestie Elle Varner, and it’s mixed reports suggesting why the two R&B singers are no longer on friendly terms.

Some sites are claiming K Michelle is upset with Elle because she’s been getting a little too close to her rumored ex Meek Mill, while other reports are claiming the fallout is actually over Elle allegedly using a track without K Michelle’s blessing.

Regardless, Elle made it clear she would not be engaging in any public back and forth with K Michelle, but she has been spotted with Meek Mill a few more times after getting slammed by K Michelle.

However, K Michelle is addressing the situation and she says she’s on good terms with Meek and she still has love for Elle Varner (read tweets from top to bottom):

k michelle twitter

k michelle twitter 2


  1. How the f-ck did the media blow it up if we would not have even known she was beefing with Elle if her angry a-s didn’t shade her on IG first? I can’t stand when these silly celebs start their own drama and then try to blame the media for it later. Girl sit your inflated booty down somewhere. I like your music but you’re too childish outside of it.

  2. I like K but she annoys me when she blames the media for her behavior. the blogs didn’t hold a gun to her head and force her to come for Elle. She gladly did that on her own and the media just reported it. It’s time for her to take responsibility for her actions. She’s too grown to do otherwise.

  3. She reminds me of my homegirl who calls every man she’s ever f-cked a homeboy after they cut em off for somebody else.

  4. How did the media blow it up when she cursed Elle out and went off on her instagram. She just overreacted like the bird she is thinking Elle and Meek are dating which I’m still not convinced. K really needs to sit her deformed booty down somewhere.

  5. If K. was really on that grown and sexy tip, she would have just handled her issues with Elle in private from jump. I can’t stand all these people who get on IG and shade people instead of having the balls to call people and talk things out like adults.

  6. For once I would like for her to admit she was wrong and not blame the media. But I guess I should’t hold my breath.

  7. I was with her until she said the media blew it up. None of us would have known anything if she didn’t hop on IG to cut up. But whatever.

  8. Talent is well and good, but personality and a good attitude keeps the public wanting more, and supporting you through the lean years. K Michelle has a lot to learn about maintaining a fan base, and keeping her bird behavior in check.

  9. She makes it so hard to root for her. It’s not the media’s fault she came for Elle. She should learn how to deal with her anger better. Twitter and IG are not the places to air your beefs with other people.

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