Does Elle Varner Make a Good Point?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Elle Varner was disappointed her romance with Cleveland Cavaliers player Iman Shumpert didn’t work out (he’s now engaged to Teyana Taylor and the couple just had a baby girl), but that hasn’t stopped her from being hopeful about future love.

And her recent Facebook post started quite the debate.

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  1. If they don’t get this corny bulls-t out of here. It ain’t a woman’s responsibility to build a grown a-s man up. Hell especially when so many black men are out here tearing down black women instead of uplifting us. F-ck this meme.

  2. Stupid meme. A man should have self-driven ambition. If he doesn’t, it’s a good chance he will leave the woman who “built him up” to be with the woman who didn’t.

  3. I think this meme was inspired by the flawed logic people have about the Obamas. A lot of people think Michelle picked Barack off the street and molded him into the President. In reality, she met him at the law firm she was working at and he was interning there. So when she met him, he already shown her that he was ambitious, intelligent and driven enough to date. And that’s what women need to do. You shouldn’t waste your time on men who have no drive.

  4. No, women are better off dating our equals. Either a man wants to be successful or he doesn’t. It ain’t my job to make him want to win at life.

  5. I knew a chick years ago who so called built her man up supported him, helped him find a job,bought him better clothes,encouraged him to go to school. How did he repay her by cheating on her and leaving her for the next chick. Some women need to stop getting confused with so called building these men up when in reality these men are using women as a stepping stone to build themselves up and move on.

    1. it’s a huge risk to take it can pay off like like Obama Michele or it can one of the biggest mistakes of your life. I suggest woman give it few months before of that man proving himself worthy of you going extra hard for him. dudes out here are ruthless

  6. I see Elle didn’t learn from the Iman situation. She was his first “famous” girlfriend and he had no problem leaving her for Teyana.

  7. No, she doesn’t make a good point. Rarely does this ever benefit the woman in the end because men like this don’t respect women who build them up.

  8. We really shouldn’t be out here teaching women to settle and try to change men. Instead, women should be encouraged to meet their equals and form healthy relationships in which both partners encourage each other to be great but have no problem being great independently. That’s the basis of power couples.

  9. This rarely works..It worked for Tia and her husband Cory I think that’s his name..Listen , I believe we should both grow together period . I’m too headstrong to be with a build a boy . I’m a grown , strong , intellectual ,woman , so I will only entertain a man who’s my equal where it counts . However , it works both ways , good men have tried to mold loose or miniscule girls , into strong women but have repeatedly failed in most cases .. I’m a leader , I’m certainly a lot to handle . If I’m more dominant than you, due to your lack of leadership and masculinity , we either have to lace it together or forget it forever. Some women like a weak floor that they can walk on , I prefer a nice ceiling that I can look up to .

  10. I disagree… I was with a work in progress for seven years and he drained my completely. The only regret is that my daughter won’t have a traditional family with her father but there’s a man in our life that adores her. A work in progress will bring you nothing but MISERY.

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