Gabrielle Union Slams Women for Being Shady Towards Each Other + Gets Dragged

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Gabrielle Union is a self-proclaimed former mean girl, and she says she’s abandoned her nasty ways because she got some excellent advice from a great life coach. She also credits her abandonment of the mean girl mentality for why she’s in a much better place in her career these days too. So it’s no surprise she actually posted a lengthy message calling out women for being shady towards each other on her Instagram account recently:

gabrielle union instagramgabrielle union instagram 2

While some folks thought she was shading Nicki Minaj for the whole Iggy Azalea situation, others took to her comment section to call her a hypocrite. Especially since she did shade Dwyane Wade’s ex wife on Instagram not too long ago.

Some of the angry comments read:

gabby dragged
gabby dragged 2


  1. She should stop before she starts. People always getting at her anyway they can. Her track record won’t let her live anything down

  2. Gabrielle is so fake and phony smh. How can you slam women for being shady when you do the same thing. It wasn’t that long ago she shaded Kerry for Scandal she shaded Sio so many times. How about practice what you preach. Got so much to say about this but speak about your man being unable to keep his penis in his pants, or how being a stepmother to a child that was conceived during her relationship. She just irritates the hell out of me. She is turning into the female Tyrese. Has so much to say about how everybody else can be better but never speak on their faults or situation.

  3. I feels like this woman is very arrogant. She always wants to pat herself on the back and the truth is sleeping with a married man is harsher than shading someone. The effects are worse.

  4. She needs to have a stadium of seats. She’s shaded Kerry and Sio within the last year. Hypocrite.

  5. She thinks she is all that!! Honestly she isn’t. Just a pretty face that’s all. Sanaa Lathan is hotter to me and has much class. Gabby might look young for her age but she sure does act young. All she needed to do was give credit to those women without the shade part. Her appreciation to them seem so fake and staged.

  6. This is what happens when you let your stans hype you up to make you think you’re someone you’re really not.

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