Joseline Hernandez Says She Was Hacked

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yesterday we told you Joseline Hernandez caused a frenzy on social media after tweets from her account claimed she slept with multiple rappers including Rick Ross, Nelly and Drake. And some were even shocked that later tweets also claimed she slept with Kevin Durant and did some things with James Harden too.

But now the Puerto Rican princess is trying to set the record straight and she claims her Twitter and Instagram accounts were actually hacked.

She says:

“So today somebody decided to hack my Twitter page, MsJoseline again. It’s all bullish*t. It’s all lies. I haven’t been on Twitter for three days. Now, MsJoselineReloaded is back. F*ck you hater mother*ckers.”

Some people are suspecting Stevie J may have been the one who “hacked” Joseline’s accounts while some still aren’t so sure the tweets didn’t come  from Joseline herself.

Regardless, this isn’t the first time Joseline’s Twitter account has been hacked.


  1. Nowadays the tried and true when folks act stupid on social media is to claim they were “hacked”. I don’t know or care who she slept with, but she really needs to give that p-ss a rest. They do stretch from overuse, you know!

    1. lmao……she could care less about stretching it out of wack cause she always got them titties (full of stretch marks) hanging out everywhere like that shet is cute.

  2. I honestly do think she was hacked. I mean it’s not too hard to tweet like her. Just misspell most of your words and have bad grammar. Voila!

  3. She’s probably lying. Knowing them this is just for attention. I mean they really didn’t have a storyline this season.

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