Despite Rumored Budding Romance with Christina Milian, Lil Wayne is Still Engaged?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne still engaged to Dhea? Christina Milian confirmed her engagement to Jas Prince is over, but she’s been linked romantically to Lil Wayne thanks to the gossip blogs. Neither really helped silence the rumors any when they were photographed walking out of a nightclub together during the weekend of the BET Awards and they were also photographed leaving in the same vehicle.

However, it appears Lil Wayne is still a very engaged man.

A photo of Lil Wayne seemingly spending the July 4th holiday with his rumored fianceé Dhea and her family has gone viral on Instagram and if you look closely, you’ll see Dhea is still sporting her engagement ring too:

lil wayne still engaged to dhea


  1. I am not surprised. So Christina is willingly being a side chick after she was someone’s fianceé. Oh well. If she doesn’t know any better I can’t even fault Lil Wayne too much.

  2. Christina knows and doesn’t care. She’s too busy trying to stretch her career of f-cking for tracks out as long as she can.

  3. Sh-t Christina doesn’t give a damn because she knows that little gremlin is never going to get married again. How log have they been engaged? 2 years? Dhea may be dumber than Christina honestly because she puts up with most just so she can walk around with an engagement ring that serves no real purpose.

  4. And I feel sorry for none of these birds. Dhea wouldn’t even be dealing with Weezy if he didn’t have money. Everyone is using someone in this situation.

  5. So Christina said she dumped Jas because he was cheating just to get with a well known cheater? Starting to think all the stuff The Dream said about her is true.

  6. Well I guess Christina doesn’t really mind. She’s just another grown woman with very low standards when it comes to men.

  7. All of these women know how Lil Wayne gets down and they are still around so it is what it is. And SMH at Dhea’s whole family supporting this foolishness. I guess they don’t mind it as long as Lil Wayne is rich and famous.

  8. Dhea gots to be the dumbest b-tch on Earth. Wayne clearly be wining and dining with all the females he f-cks with. Hell, look how many times he has gotten engaged and ain’t marry nobody but Toya. She gone keep getting played and still don’t have a name or nothing for herself because she letting Wayne drag her along. Every time he comes to Atlanta he’s with several different women and that’s not going to change! Sorry Dhea, but your wasting your life.

  9. Money has the chicks playing themselves. But Dhea has to be the biggest dummy in this situation. He’s never going to marry her.

  10. Lol I had faith in CM but it’s clear to me that she isn’t who I thought she was I didn’t know she was a industry THOT I donto understand these celebrities B-tch you are well enough Known to get you a wealthy and successful man why Lil Wayne? He is not ready to give YALL what YALL want why can’t YALL understand that? CM your talent is in film give up girl you wasting your time lol your 15 mind are up

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