Draya Confirms Relationship Status with Orlando Scandrick + Shades Joseline Hernandez

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya isn’t too pleased her relationship with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick is currently under fire thanks to the gossip blogs and social media speculation, and currently it’s being rumored that the couple is on the outs because the BBWLA star caught Orlando cheating.

However, Draya took to Instagram the other day to show annoyance with the rumors but her response wasn’t clear enough about her current relationship status with Orlando. So Draya took to Twitter to set the record straight once and for all and she shaded Joseline Hernandez in the process too:

draya twitter

Now for those of you who may be a little confused as to why the latter part of the tweet would be for Joseline Hernandez, here’s a quick back story.

Several days ago Joseline went on a drunk rant during a recent club appearance and she actually took some shots at other reality stars. Draya was included. Joseline said:

“I say you ready, I’m bossed up, I’m a MuthaF***in playa. I’m realities truth, if it wasn’t for me, there wouldn’t be no muthaf***in Draya. Alright then Nene, who is you gone compare me then.

“I suck more ___ Put it in my a*s no Kardashian.”


And of course, as of right now most people are starting to feel like Stevie J and Joseline’s latest breakup was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Obviously Draya agrees.


  1. UB I think Joseline was high on cocaine when she said this. Not only does it not make any sense, but she’s more delusional here than she usually is. Gotta be the drugs.

  2. Forget Draya for a minute! Why the hell can’t Jose speak English? B-tch, you’ve been in this country long enough. Elocution, ya dumb broad – elocution!!!

  3. Some people were trying to say this was for Karrueche and Chris but I know that couldn’t be true because that didn’t even make any sense. LOL at Joseline trying to take credit for another hoe’s come up when Draya had a come up before she did.

    1. Kae and Chris? Well that was a reach. But I agree. I doubt their breakup is a stunt. If anything it’s just what they always do.

  4. I’m not even sure why Draya responded. It’s not like most people understood what Joseline said anyway.

  5. Joseline would wanna leave Nene’s name out her mouth. If it’s one stripper she should emulate, it should be Nene. While Joseline is out there stuffing coke up her nose, and showing her cooch off at the drop of a hat, Nene is hustling for, and getting hers.

  6. Draya may want to tread lightly. Not only does Joseline look like a man, but she hits like one too.

  7. I just thank God for privacy, common sense, and the ability to speak/write properly. It’s the little things in life…… I’m very much appreciative.

  8. Joseline is a dumba-s. Does she not understand that the little fame she does have will be taken way the moment Mona gets tired of her and replaces her with some new tramp on the show? She has nothing outside of LHH. She needs to humble herself.

  9. Draya and Orlando probably just had a fight and then deleted a few pictures and shaded each other like most couples do. They’ll be aight I guess. But Joseline needs to put the cocaine down. She’s a hot mess.

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