K Michelle Gets Slammed by New Boyfriend’s Baby Mama, Claps Back

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle new boyfriend revealed? K Michelle confirmed recently that she has a new man in her life, but it appears there already may be drama with her new relationship. Apparently one of her new boyfriend’s baby mamas is slamming her in the media because her man is allegedly a deadbeat dad.

And according to this woman, K Michelle’s new man is former University of Tennessee basketball player and NBA Development (minor league) player Bobby Maze.

Apparently K. Michelle refers to him as A1 on social media and his Instagram username is @no_fabrication (Mr. A1posture).

His baby mama tells Baller Alert:

Bobby Maze is so busy living with his best friend Michael Beasley (Miami Heat Player) and hanging with all his other NFL, NBA, and Celebrity friends portraying the life of a man who has it all and does it all for everybody, but yet, doesn’t do s*** with or for his children, with the exception of the one in Maryland is the biggest fabricator and his posture is F***** up.

His deadbeat daddy ways and the fact that he can send flowers, jewels and make time for K Michelle, but can’t even call or see our soon to be 4yr old daughter and never be with her for any extended time or special occasions, (like her birthday) but yet be in Knoxville, Tennessee for BMaze Celebrity Basketball Game with K Michelle right their entertaining his two IG celebrity guest @icejjfish and his own aunt @_auntcc is pathetic. You see, he’s so busy, sending her his jeweler, flowers, text messages, and keeping up with the Jones or should I say K Michelle, he continuously neglects his responsibility, makes broken promises, never follows thru, and has all the excuses in the world for not being their for his children. Yet alone, our daughter who is right here in Atlanta. It’s about balance and a genuine effort to be a better person and dad, but again he has chosen not to. Yes, it’s a choice. But here’s the other dynamic or question – is K Michelle even the type of woman to encourage her new boo to do the right thing, since she clearly lacks the motherly, nurturer type of characteristic herself with her own son (no shade). I’m just saying, it’s one thing to not want your child to be apart of reality TV ratchetness, but instead she portrayed to most of the world and fans probably otherwise. You didn’t even know until recently that she had a child. And that speaks volumes to her character. To have this positive campaign and movement, she needs to put it into practice. What do I rebel against – I rebel against deadbeat dads and moms that abandon their children.



Of course K Michelle responded and she posted the following on Instagram:

k michelle instagram


    1. So does the baby mama. Why is she so angry with K. Michelle when this Bobby person was a loser before K. even came into the picture? She just sounds very jealous.

    2. This. She is always running to IG to brag about some man who won’t even be around in a few weeks.

    1. Yup she sure does. It’s the same story she gets with trifling men with either baby mama drama or girlfriend drama and ends up getting dropped before she knows it. Yea the baby mama might be bitter and jealous but that doesn’t mean everything she is saying isn’t true about him. I remember when everybody was talking how French wife was hating and was jealous but everything she said from the beginning about him proved to be true. Just ask Trina lol

  1. Once again any man shows her a little attention she is sprung. I can no longer root for K because she is destined to lose. No matter how talented she is she will not succeed with these bird tendencies smh. K is really turning into a attention whore looking at the pool picture and her deformed body she really thinks she looks good and she looks a mess. That booty doesn’t fit her frame she looks gross.

    1. Its amazing how women try to tear each other down. The sad part is the very main people on here that are bashing this woman, talk as if they are without flaw and have not made their own bad judgement in men. She without sin cast the first stone. I hate seeing women hate on each other and bash each other. Woman to woman, I hope that after kissing so many frogs that the man for her finds her. Until then, hopefully she surrounds herself with people that are real and not on no frienemy type stuff…anyways

  2. I am not surprised and at this point it was kind of expected some mess would come out about this guy. She continuously picks the same kind of men (losers) and wonders why she keeps getting dogged out eventually. You would think she would have smartened up by now.

  3. I’m not defending her but this baby mama really sounds jealous. Why is she blaming K Michelle for her child’s father being a deadbeat? That’s silly. It is his fault and his alone.

    1. ITA!!! And why wasn’t the baby mama putting him on blast before K entered the picture? That is some messy ish right there. Add the fact that she put K’s child and her mothering skills (or lack thereof) in her mouth, and I’m really not feeling this rodent, at all. I’m not a K Michelle fan by any means but this is most definitely some BS she’s been pulled into unnecessarily.

  4. It doesn’t take much to impress K. Michelle. The bare minimum will make her drop her panties. Sad.

  5. Baby mamas like these annoy the f-ck out of me. How can she hold K Michelle responsible for her dumb a-s getting pregnant by a bum? B-tch you were the one who was actually foolish enough to have a baby with his a-s. Get mad at yourself. Now it’s true K won’t be with the loser a month from now but damn be mad at the right person. It’s not K’s responsibility to make that bum into a man. Shut the hell up.

  6. Ok so he does sound like he’s a loser and al but the BM sounds very jealous of the things he’s been doing for K. Michelle. IJS.

  7. Instead of coming for K Michelle on the blogs this woman needs to be smarter and take Bobby’s a-s to court. I don’t get ignorant women like this one. They don’t know how to fight their battles and take their anger out on women who have nothing to do with the situation.

  8. How is this bish going to speak on K’s parenting skills when she doesn’t even know her? The hell? This was written by a bitter bird who is mad her ex moved on from her ratchet a-s. Get out your feelings hoe.

  9. Wow she went in on K. And I don’t understand why. Isn’t Bobby the real person at fault here or nah?

  10. Why did she bring K Michelle and her son into this? This woman is out of line and I won’t even be mad if K drags her for this.

  11. This woman is clearly part of the bitter b-tch brigade. With these types of females, they like to go after the woman their ex ends up with instead of holding their ex responsible for their f-ckups. And the way she kept referring to all the things he buys K. Michelle lets me know that she’s just mad she’s not in K. Michelle’s shoes.

  12. All else aside, it’s crazy that drama ALWAYS seems to find K. Michelle. ALWAYS.

    As for this kid’s mother, it’s obvious that she’s doing all this to get attention. I have no idea who this guy is. And it’s not until he’s linked to K. Michelle that she’s speaking out and trying to put people on blast? She should have gone after him (in court) long before now to get her child what they need from him. I have zero sympathy for attention cravers. Their child is going on 4 and she’s just now taking an issue with his behavior? Everybody is looking for a come up these days. I’ll be late for that.

  13. She’s just another jealous baby mama. And this was wasted energy. K. won’t even be with him in a week or so.

  14. I cant stand when baby mamas go in on the guy when he has no interest in them. He can’t be all bad you layed up and had kids with him. For her to say what K.’s relationship with her son is when she has no ideal what K. does with her son. I think K. is smart not to have her son out in public cause the media is no joke. This girl is not mad cause this guy is not spending time with his kids, the oldest is 4 years old so now he is with K. he is a deadbeat. If he was not with someone we know she would not be on IG. That is why when your mama tells you get to know someone then marry them then have kids, cause if not you are just going to be just that a babies mama.

  15. Not a K stan at all but this woman really needs to be checked for this. She had no right bringing K Michelle’s son into her jealous rant. He’s innocent and the relationship he has with his mom is none of her concern. Her concern is why this basketball player is not taking care of his child and she needs to head to court to handle this…not a blog.

  16. This woman is just bitter. But she needs to be at herself for procreating with someone who doesn’t want to be a father. Don’t get mad at K Michelle for your own bad choices.

  17. I’ve come to realize that some people love drama. It’s like they feed off messy situations and probably wouldn’t be able to survive without it!

  18. This lady has obviously been stalking Bobby Maze And K. Michelle’s IG pages and has set out to try to slander his character and K. Michelle’s also.

    When K posted the pic of her starring at her phone saying he was A1, I was reading the comments under the pic and out of no where his baby momma went under the picture to attempt to turn K. Michelle against him. When K posted another picture the next day showing she was not bothered, the lady then sent this extensive email to all the bogs.

    The original letter has way more extensive then what is shown above. Just based on how bitter she is towards him, his family, and K. Michelle’s parenting skills (which she knows nothing about) I can only imagine the hell she gives Bobby in trying to have/maintain any type of relationship with that child. She thought she was going to cash out with him and it just didn’t happen… trap baby… trust me I believe there is way more to this sorry that she has carved to destroy this man in the publics eye.

  19. First of all his baby mama has no right now can I take K.michelle. that is not K Michelle’s child that is BBobb’s child. She doesnt know what she’s telling Bobby to do. So you lashing at the woman that he is with instead of taking his a-s to court. Sounds like you just mad that they are together. And it’s clear on the show that she doesn’t have her son on the show because she’s always busy and should never be there so she sends her child with her parents that I loving and nurturing and will always have parents. I’m looking over his shoulder. Its not like she just threw him away like he didn’t mean anything, she put him in a stable environment. She needs to take her medicine and take his ass to court instead of going off on K Michelle like she’s the one that help produce a baby. And even if K did say something to him and he still not doing right she just make sure she doesn’t have a baby by him because he might do that to her. Then again he could pull a 50 cent move and ignore his first and take care a child he has with her.

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