K Michelle Goes Off

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star K Michelle made a name for herself on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” quickly for having a mouth on her and not taking any mess from her co-stars, and even though she’s no longer on the hit reality show, she’s still very much controversial on her social media accounts.

Just days after her new boyfriend’s baby mama put her on blast, it now appears K Michelle is putting some people on blast herself.

In fact, she took to her Instagram account to slam those who keep coming for her about her booty.

She posted the following hours ago:

k michelle instagram

She then proceeded to post a video of herself twerking during a recent show:

Interestingly enough, K Michelle did admit recently on Twitter that she achieved her famous booty by a fat transfer:

k michelle twitter


  1. But she’s not attractive either and all her weaves/fake teeth and fat transfers can’t change that. *scratches head*

  2. It’s very sad that people go on on celebs so much on IG and Twitter but nothing, and I mean nothing is sadder than K Michelle getting an ego boost from men wanting to sleep with her. Does she not want more from men? Like marriage? A real commitment? A lot of men sit on computes and send thirsty DMs. That doesn’t make you special. Smh. She’s too easily impressed.

  3. The real question is why does she have so much time on her hands? If she was really getting her money and making waves with her music she wouldn’t have time to sit and read all her Instagram comments and mentions. People will always talk sh-t. Who cares? Get money and let your success speak for itself child.

    1. When you’re insecure, you will make time to read what strangers have to say about you no matter how busy you are. K. Michelle is very insecure.

  4. This is why K Michelle will never be bigger than what she already is. She is too unprofessional and childish to become a big star. I hope she’s satisfied with her shows in small venues because she will never sell out stadiums. Even Rihanna waited until she was A list before she started writing her on tweets. There’s a reason for that.

  5. Her booty is just weird looking because it doesn’t fit her small frame. I hate that the gigantic booties are in now because a lot of pretty women are walking around her looking like centaurs. All of them look stupid.

  6. I don’t think she should call anyone ugly when she can’t even leave the house without weave, a pound of makeup on her face, and her fat injected a-s just to look decent. Pretty she is not. And her personality makes her even more unattractive.

      1. Because a lot of females believe that if you are single and not in a relationship then there is something wrong with you. A lot of females now will get a male no matter what his past maybe or if he is married just as long as they can say they have a man in their life. They don’t know that there is a difference between a man and a male.

  7. She’s another one who uses her booty to get men but then doesn’t understand why the quality of men she attracts is terrible. Good luck with that sweetie.

  8. “Salute to my real chicks!” Real? Oh the irony. Most of your body parts were purchased. *blank stare*

  9. She can write 100 more messages like this and people will still come for her because her butt looks gross. IJS.

  10. K. as long as you know your body parts are real that’s all that matters. Female who have fake a-s’s and the one’s with no a-s will always have something to say. Keep grinding and making good music. Let your fans come for the hates they don’t mind helping you with that. Things are going good for you now, keep it classy and stay focus.

  11. Oh this again? People are just telling the truth. She’s a pretty girl (to me) but her booty is way too big and she looks stupid. I think she should get some of the fat removed, and she’ll be fine. Too many people are going overboard with their plastic surgery. Simple is best. K is in the diaper booty club with Kim K and they look silly.

  12. I saw her booty before she got the surgery and while it was smaller, I think it was fine. I think it sucks she felt she needed to get a fat transfer just to compete in today’s business. But whatever.

    1. No she already had a big butt and she took some fat from other parts of her body to make it bigger.

        1. Thank you I like you too I have read some of your comments and you come from a real positive place. Enjoy you day.

        1. You are so right but this industry has life and bullsh-t mixed up. And if you notice a lot of them are getting fake butt implants cause that’s what they say will sell you. I have a butt that I was born with and back in the 90’s they only wanted females who had big boobs and high yellow skin. Who knew, but it’s the white chicks who got the game all messed up they were born with no a-s and no hips built like snakes now you see them one week then the next week they got an a-s. K. didn’t need it I hopes she reads your comment.

  13. Didn’t her lying a-s get on the reunion and say she got her a-s by eating cornbread and collard greens? Smh.

  14. I don’t have a problem with people getting plastic surgery but why are most people getting terrible work done? K. Michelle’s butt is too big and she looks a hot mess from behind. She’s too naive and ignorant to really understand that her body does not look good. She needs to go to a better doctor and get her booty fixed. I think Draya has had the best work done so far.

  15. I have been saying for weeks that her body or her booty looks deformed. It doesn’t fit her frame that’s not hating or being jealous. She bragging about these men wanting her but they only want her for one thing and then they will send her off in a cab after they get what they want.

    1. I feel you but celebs have feelings too. Can you imagine waking up everyday and getting dragged by people you don’t know everyday? Eventually you will snap.

  16. Right now these huge butts are in style. But soon they won’t be and everyone walking around here with a human being growing out of there backsides will be running to the plastic surgeon to remove it. I like K but she really needs to understand that everyone isn’t “hating.” She really did overdo it with the surgery and she will regret it when society goes back to skinny being in and big booties being out. Everything comes and goes in cycles.

  17. lol! K just being K. She has to learn how to not even let the comments anger her. It’s just the price of fame now. I don’t care who you are people will come to your IG and go in.

  18. I get she’s frustrated but this won’t make people stop saying things about her butt. She’s just going to have to learn how to ignore it because it’s not ever going to stop.

  19. She has a big foul mouth and it is really uneccessary. She should concentrate on her music. Her butt is huge and disproportionate though. Sorry K but it is.

  20. And to think R Kelly was going around telling people that he and k was in something. He is just as sad as her. I think k wants her men young ( stand back R )

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