Stevie J Names Culprit in Joseline Hernandez Video Controversy

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day social media went in after videos of Joseline Hernandez rapping the oddest of rap verses while sweating profusely went viral and started spreading on all of the blogs, and now some are suspecting the videos may be a sign that the reality star could be allegedly battling with drug addiction.

While some were placing the blame on Stevie J, he’s actually naming a different culprit.

In fact, Stevie went after the person who has been posting the videos to Instagram and claims the person is doing the deed at the request of Benzino (screenshot obtained by The Shade Room):

stevie j goes off


  1. Benzino is playing with fire. When you constantly go out your way to expose someone, eventually you end up being more exposed than the person you were trying to expose. It’s just a matter of time.

    1. Oh girl you know it’s coming. It’s going to hit Benzino real hard by the time the reunion rolls around. It’s something about Althea that is real snake like to me.

    2. And I’m ready for it. Benzino has been getting on my last nerves this season. He’s on his high horse but his fiance has already slept with most of the men on the damn show and he was the last one to know. He can’t say anything about Stevie and Joseline because his life is just as messy.

    3. Benzino takes a big L because his chick f-cked Stevie and his carbon copy (Nikko). Confirming tea we already knew about Joseline won’t change how slutty his chick is. And I bet she’s only with him because she wanted to get that VH1 money. Benzino stay getting played.

  2. I am so lost. Is Stevie not wit Joseline how she just going off doing booth sessions wit mofos and they catching her slipping? And yes she is very much on drugs. And if it’s true why is Benzino caught in this? Why isn’t he enjoying his engaged life to Hoe-Thea. I don’t understand why he is going hard at Joseline and Stevie J like this…WTF is really going on. They too old for this dumb shyt

  3. I still think Dawn had something to do with all this. She’s too happy about it on her Twitter account.

  4. Is Benzino in love with Stevie or something? His obsession with Stevie’s life is really weird.

  5. We’ll see how Benzino handles it when his fiancee gets called out and I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story about her sleeping with Stevie and Nikko. I have a feeling more will come out soon.

  6. I had a feeling Benzino had something to do with this. Some people on twitter said Dawn leaked this but it didn’t seem like her style she seems like she would take full credit for blasting Joseline. Well I will be expecting some dirt on Benzino and Hothea to drop very soon since he is determined to blast other people it’s always someone lurking to blast you.

  7. U knw what Benzino is a real loser. I had felt sorry for him after Karlie Red played him and then again when he got shot. But I feel like he is a POS. What type of man attracts and wife up known industry hoes? Like what decent man does that?? Then he falls for them and showers them wit all this shyt within 2.5 secs he’s proposing and then wonder why bushes turn….like they were never no good to begin wit. Only a no good man wit low standards and everything else that is low would want that type of women. Does he even have kids? And he’s like a kabillion yrs old….tells you a lot about his character stemming from his choices in women at such a mature age.

  8. Benzino is mad at everybody but the one person he should be mad at. So he’s mad at Stevie for sleeping with Althea but not mad at Althea for sleeping with Stevie and then not telling him she did it until the very last minute. What kind of woman even does that…a sneaky one who has a lot more secrets to hide. Something tells me she’s a lot worse than Joseline and that will be revealed shortly.

  9. Like NeNe says, you never win when you play dirty. Karma will be knocking on Benzino’s door soon.

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