Man Who Exposed Joseline Hernandez’s Infamous Recording Studio Videos Speaks

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently that Stevie J made it clear he felt Benzino was behind all those videos of Joseline Hernandez in a recording studio leaking, and it’s the videos themselves that has many suspecting that Joseline may be on drugs.

The man responsible for posting the videos to Instagram is now speaking out and Ferrari Ferrell (he claims to be an upcoming rapper) tells VLAD TV he released the videos because he wanted the world to see the real Joseline.

VLAD TV writes:

Ferrari Ferrell spoke exclusively to VladTV about a video of Joseline going ham in the studio, which he said was from a few months ago. When asked how he knows the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star, Ferrari says he met her through his cousin Fly Dantoni, who wrote some songs for Joseline. He adds that the reality star was always in the studio and they got close.

He then opens up about hooking up with Joseline one night after recording in the studio. Ferrari Ferrell says that after they hooked up at Joseline’s place, Stevie kept calling her phone, and then showed up at the apartment. The rapper says that he made his way out of the apartment without facing Stevie, and says the producer didn’t know he was hooking up with Joseline.

“Actually that same night of footage is the first time I hit it. I kept that real low that wasn’t nothing I wanted to broadcast.

“She a real freak though.”



  1. Who? Man you really have to be a bum if you’re using f-cking Joseline as a means to get interviews.

  2. How lame can you be to be trying to make a come up on Joseline. The same non rapping Joseline that was just booed off stage a couple of nights ago. I swear if you looking for a come up at least try to aim higher or have some standards Ferrari Ferrell who probably cant even afford to buy a Ferrari or even rent one.

  3. Dang….. messy boots trying to kick start his career using Jose as a prop…. the bad part about it everybody know she can’t talk/rap, is possibly on drugs, & is f’n for tracks & popularity….

  4. He didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already figure out. Of course he and evey man there orobably slept with her that night. She was high and I’m sure all of them took advantage.

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