Stevie J Threatens to Expose Benzino’s Fiancée Althea

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Stevie J recently accused Benzino of pushing someone to release those very hard to watch videos of Joseline Hernandez in a recording studio, but now it appears Stevie has decided to get even.

Last night after the episode aired, Stevie posted a photo of Althea  in a “compromising” position to Twitter. He even claimed he has more to share, and he plans to expose her very soon (read tweets from bottom to top):

stevie j twitter 2

stevie j twitter

Although Althea claims that’s actually a photo of her “servicing” Benzino, that didn’t stop Benzino from clapping back. He tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

benzino twitter

benzino twitter 2


      1. I agree! That is the first thing I thought when I saw that. Honestly Benzino and Stevie are acting like scorned lovers.

    1. I was just thinking that. How did he manage to get a pic of his friend and the hoe servicing him …lmao this is too much, they are doin too much and they are puttin themselves all on blast wit this….lol but now Benzino wanna fall back..hmmm. This is all very interesting

  1. I just said Althea would be exposed because Benzino has been doing the most to expose Joseline like we’re supposed to be surprised about her behavior. Oh well. I’m sure Mona is loving this.

  2. Well damm! I’m pulling up a chair with popcorn and soda, cuz this sh-t is about to be entertaining as hell. Lol!

  3. It’s gay as hell that a man has a photo of his homeboy getting his d-ck sucked. And I also bet that picture Benzino says Joseline is blackmailing Stevie with is one of him getting it in with a man. He was too hype about that damn d-ldo in that sex tape with Eve to not at least be bi.

  4. These two ain’t exposing anything that is surprising both they chicks some ho’s but the difference is Joseline has been upfront about being ho. She even said she f-cked Stevie to get put on so at least she is a honest ho compared to Hothea who is a sneaky ho.

  5. Is it just me or is the things going on away from the cameras (like this) more interesting than what we’re seeing on the show this season?

    1. I agree….. but it just shows how stupid they really are…. their puppet master making millions while they exposing shet for free.

  6. I kind of hope Stevie does drop some tea on Althea because I’m tired of Benzino being on his high horse like she’s so great when she’s already slept with three men on the show.

  7. I need both of them to have a seat. Both of them have hoes for girlfriends. Why Benzino keeps thinking Althea is so much better I’ll never understand.

  8. This is all scripted. Aside from it being weird that Stevie even has the picture…… it’s clear that IF she’s servicing Benzino, that HE took the picture based on the angle. Sooooooooooooooooooo, who’d he send the picture to and WHY?! These bafoons are owning up to it like “that’s us!!” as if it’s something to be proud of. Idiots. Mona has to have hella sleeping pills in her medicine cabinet. There’s no way she could sleep on her own at night with this circus act she’s created.

  9. lmao this old scripted bullsh-t!! did he get a pic of althea sucking chicken nugget’s d-ck?why would he post it like it was himself and althea? this is some stupid a-s f-ckery i think to keep people watching the show and anticipate the reunion.when will this get old?
    and when will benzino realize that trying to expose joseline is hella ridiculous, out of all the hoes on the show she is the most upfront and honest of the lot.she is real about her sh-t, unlike his b-tch

  10. I call Joseline is Jose…if Benzino has that pic then I can rest because I’m tired of wondering. LOL

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