K Michelle is At It Again

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several months ago K Michelle found herself the target of controversy after a former fan called her out for calling other black women monkeys and gorillas on her Instagram account, and some were even calling for a boycott of the singer until she apologized.

K Michelle refused to apologize and eventually the anger died down.

But it appears K is back to her old habits:

k michelle twitter

Some people called K out about the tweet in her mentions, but she remains unbothered.


  1. She’s such a pretty and talented young woman. I just wish she would stop acting messy on Twitter. But I know that’s just who she is.

    1. Pretty much. She’s so talented though. I do hope she will eventually learn how to pay dust to the ignorance and cut down on her ignorant responses to the ignorance too.

  2. She really shouldn’t call black women gorillas and monkeys though. But whatever. She sees nothing wrong with it so I won’t even waste my time trying to educate her.

  3. People refuse to use the block button instead of responding. The block button was invented for a reason. I wish celebs would use it more.

  4. That tweet didn’t even deserve a response because it was so stupid. Anyone with a brain can see that photo was altered.

  5. K. the last thing you want is to have someone call you a name so keep it classy stay off IG with bullsh-t, Just use it to let your fans know what’s going on with you. You are in a good place now don’t mess it up over something petty. The last thing you want is all your hard work be in vain. Enjoy your tour we will be coming to see you on one of your shows. TAKE CARE!!11

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