Tea on LHHATL Reunion Brawl

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

LHHATL reunion fight tea? If you’ve been paying attention to social media and the blogs for the last several hours, then you know filming for the season three reunion has already gotten violent and resulted in cops being called to the scene.

Apparently there were multiple fights and Media Take Out is reporting that Joseline was “beat up” by Benzino’s fiancée Althea and later on Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy Rivera.

Benzino has been bragging about the rumor on Instagram but deleted his post when multiple people who claimed to have attended the reunion told him that the report is false. One of those people also happens to be Stevie J:

stevie j instagramstevie j instagram 2


So here’s what we heard. Joseline did fight Althea, and she was indeed the one who initiated the altercation. Joseline got some pretty great licks in, however, when security restrained Joseline, Althea snuck Joseline and landed a great punch.

Joseline later got into with Tammy Rivera too, but Bambi shockingly jumped in and it became two on one because some are saying Tammy needed the help.

And yes, it gets even more ratchet. Reportedly after the two fights with Althea and Tammy/Bambi, Joseline then went backstage to fight Mimi and folks are saying Mimi didn’t stand a chance.

Now this is all just gossip and we don’t know what to believe at this point. Fans of Joseline will say she got the upper hand in all of her fights, while those that can’t stand her will say she got beat up and needed to be taken out on a stretcher. But we are hearing from multiple people that Joseline was not beat up by anyone and she was jumped (Althea is denying this on her Twitter though). Regardless, everyone is taking to social media to claim victory:

althea twitter

bambi twitter

joseline twitter

Looks like we won’t know the truth until the reunion airs.


    1. Girl me either……I know they had to jump JoJo dancer in order for her to get a beat down cause even Steebie scared of getting handled by them hands.

  1. Ain’t none of those hoes beating up Joseline’s street walking coked up a-s. Let’s be real. I can believe they had to jump her.

  2. Bambi needs to sit her wack a-s down. She only jumped in because she is a non factor and wanted attention. Nobody cares about her manufactured relationship with Scrappy so she came for Joseline who is still the star of the show.

  3. I don’t believe Joseline was beat up by anyone. When she fought Erica, Erica came out her own mouth and said Joseline has some hands on her and even hit her in the jaw. And we all saw her punch Stevie in the face for ourselves too. Add some drugs to the mix and she’s going to be hard to take down. Just saying.

  4. I don’t blame anybody for jumping Joseline she is built like a man that’s a unfair advantage either she gets jumped or you have to pick something up and knock her a-s out. Ugh I am so tired of Benzino he is the one who should have gotten his no neck having a-s kicked more than anything.

  5. Every damn reunion, the same sh-t! Mona needs to scrap these clowns and start over, but that’ll never happen.

    1. ATL is Mona’s bread and butter though. It’s the most watched show on VH1. Mona won’t change up anything until the ratings drop. If I’m not mistaken more people are actually watching this season too.

  6. So Bambi decides to jump in and fight someone that never even talked about her or spoke to her on the show….That is a straight stupid…That was not her fight…If Tammy was getting her butt whooped,so be it…

  7. It’s sad to see these grown people fighting, do drugs and berating each other just to entertain us. Smh.

  8. I think all these people are faking their beefs and all laughing at us for falling for the hype. There’s no way al this foolishness can be real. I refuse to believe it.

  9. Hahhahaha so Joseline beat up most of them bishes….I can believe it. look at her. She is a tough broad that had to survive her way out of the ghetto of PR…and then she was a stripper u knw how that goes. But anyway why was Bambi involved Ina fight wit Joseline…ughhh Bambi is a non-mother fcker factor she needs to get handled right off the show…and why is Benzino bragging about his hoe…he need to be ashamed that his hoe is all caught up in this bull shyt. He got a class-less hoe of a woman and he is class-less himself double yuck

  10. Big, fat, melodramatic SIGH. The last fight I had, I was 11 years old. At some point you have to grow out using physical violence as your means of retaliation. Is the money worth your soul though? Sheesh!

  11. All of these THOTs are too old to be fighting and Twitter beefing. Mona can’t be paying them that good for all this shucking and jiving.

  12. I don’t believe Joseline got beat up not but no Tammy, or Althea, Bambi it sounds like she jump in to help Tammy. Mimi need a good a-s beating. I see Erica kept her a-s out of it. She knows Joseline already gave her a full serving.

  13. Joseline do talk alot of sh-t she kool tho but I would love to see somebody beat her a-s just too let her know…if u think u tough its always somebody tougher than you lol

  14. We act like animals and since when is it cute for females to act like that? Joseline is messy. Always loud. Think she better than everybody. B-tch came from a strip club and can’t sing worth a damn. Joseline got 5 step kids what kind of example is she setting. I like tammi. She has class and tried to be friends with joseline but the broad kept taking shots. She needs to grow up. At least tammi and waakas marriage real. Is jose and stevies? Stevie needs to put as much energy into raising those 5 kids then he does joseline.

  15. It look like joseline was fighting errybody but i mean damn tammy bout 5 feet dogg joselie bout 5’11 she should be ableto beat tammy but tammy was fighting back tho tammy or althea face wasnt f-cked up or nothin but mimi was on the ground ima coke head and i kno steebie and jojo was on dat clean

  16. What I saw was Joseline f-cking up EricaD and then Benzino’s whore and then Mimi. I don’t think one on one non of those hoe’s can f-ck with Joseline, she kicked Erica’s a-s once before I guess Erica likes getting f-cked up and if EricaD she is smart she will not f-ck with Bambi.

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