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Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karlie Redd’s romance with Yung Joc may be over but the latest gossip suggests the LHHATL star may already have a new man in mind to hook up with and bring on the show next season.

Interestingly enough, rumor has it rapper Chief Keef could be a prospect.

Fameoulous writes:

Karlie Redd is at the point of thirst that she’s willing to fake a relationship with Chicago rapper Chief Keef next season just to stay on for another season. Reports came out the two were dating last month and we have insiders telling us that Karlie is trying to pull Chicago rapper Chief Keef into the mix to appear on the show. Chief Keef is the perfect candidate… he’s broke, young and reckless just like Mona Scott likes them.


  1. LOL. Karlie would do better rehiring Yung Joc. At least he’ll actually be divorced next season. Chief Keef is a hot ratchet mess. He’s not someone she needs to be dealing with. He has real problems she’s not going to want to deal with.

  2. Man all these people will do whatever necessary to hold on to that paycheck. Sh-t is sad as hell.

  3. Well she needs to do some more recruiting because knowing Chief Keef he’ll just end up back in jail soon for something stupid.

  4. Do they really need this old b-tch on the show cause she gives black women a bad name it’s b-tch’s like her and that nasty a-s Mimi that got the game all messed up.

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