Erykah Badu Drags a Twitter Troll

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B Erykah Badu is known for having a quirky sense of humor and just weeks ago she made headlines because of the hilarious way she disrupted a news reporter’s broadcast.

But now Ms. Badu is erupting laughter on Twitter for how she handled a young Twitter troll.

Things popped off after the young man told Erykah she was a “hoe” for having multiple kids with multiple men (read tweets from bottom to top):

erykah badu tweet last

erykah tweet 10

erykah tweet 9

erykah tweet 8

erykah tweet 7

erykah tweet 6

erykah tweet 5

erykah tweet 4

erykah tweet 3

erykah tweet 2

erykah tweet


  1. I love her sense of humor. But to be honest, I’m really disturbed by this social media age. People really think they can get on Twitter and IG and say such nasty things to celebrities. It’s really sad what computer courage has done to society.

  2. Damn she went all the way in. Well good. I’m tired of people trolling celebs all day. That ish is lame.

  3. LMAO that’s what he gets. You can’t just go around on the internet bashing people and think that no one will say anything back. I’m tired of the trolls, he got what he deserved.

  4. People are so sad nowadays all they want to do is harass celebrities on social media. All I do on instagram is follow hgtv,food network (don’t judge me lol),fitness,music sports things that I like. I don’t have time to be harassing anyone and these celebs need to start blocking these wackos instead of responding all they want is a reaction.

    1. Girl I love HGTV! Before the economy got bad, I used to look at open houses all the time on the weekends. It was kind of my way to dream. But when the recession hit, they stopped doing open houses and HGTV is the only way I get my fix now. I watch HGTV every single day. Now even my husband is hooked on it. LOL.

      1. Girl HGTV got me wanting to renovate houses and thinking I can be a interior decorator. UB and HGTV gets me through the day lol!

  5. Why do people feel the need to keep telling Erykah how many kids and baby daddies she has? I’m sure she’s fully aware of what she’s been doing with her vag. :-/

  6. The nerve of him to come for Badu with his raggedy, ashy a-s. Ugh these kids day are so nasty and so rude!

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