Bow Wow Puts Ciara & Angela Simmons on Blast

Photo Credit: MTV 2
Photo Credit: MTV 2

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bow Wow is apparently not only putting his personal business all over his social media accounts these days, but apparently he could now also be sharing too much on TV.

The 106 & Park host made a recent appearance on Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out” and when he was asked by B Daht who gave the best head between his two exes Ciara and Angela Simmons, he actually answered the question although Nick warned him he’d be better off pleading the fifth.

Bow Wow says:

“Well at one time they both was my woman, correct? So if you put one and one together of course we must have been doing the do if they was my women, correct? Well then I might as well keep it even. They both is mighty, mighty, mighty swell.”

The full episode airs on July 23. Check out the video below:


    1. Well technically she could still be a virgin who uses oral sex to please her man so she won’t have to go all the way. But in that video posted he pretty much hinted that they did have sex. So I don’t think she’s a virgin and she most likely lost her virginity to him…unfortunately.

  1. WTF!!! I’m so over these immature – a-s boys calling themselves men nowadays. A real man would never do that sh-t right there!

    1. That’s true. Any way shad moss is a b-tch. I remember him crying at his concert because ciara broke his little heart. Poor baby….

  2. Wow. He would have been better off not answering at all especially since he’s still friends with Angela and Ciara is still close to his mom. Bow Wow really needs to grow up. A real man doesn’t kiss and tell.

  3. WTF!!! I’m so over these immature – a-s boys calling themselves men nowadays. A real man would never do that sh-t right there!

  4. Bow wow is just a all around lame. I can’t stand guys that kiss and tell. Side note can Angela stop saying she’s a virgin like you not fooling anyone lol.

  5. Very disrespectful. Ciara is now a mom and almost married and Angela is quiet and minds her business. Neither one of them deserved this.

  6. Ladies, this is why you never give a lame dude the cooch. They will make you regret it each and every single time. Never fails.

    1. Girl sometimes you don’t even give them the cooch and they will lie on you just to make themselves look like the man. I had a guy I was just friends with tell all his friends he smashed but he didn’t. I had to get him together in front of all his friends too. Lames will do and say anything at your expense.

    2. So true, I know a guy like him and he’s past the age of 40. I wish I was a dude for one day so I could beat his monkey a-s.

  7. He’s lame as hell for this one. All he had to do was say no comment. He threw them both under a bus for a wack show nobody even watches. Damn shame.

  8. Yikes. He should have just pleaded the fifth. I feel like he really goes out his way to prove he gets chicks which makes me think well…he doesn’t.

  9. And this is why he can’t do any better than broke IG models now. No real celeb will give him the time of day because they know he’s a c-nt who can’t keep his mouth closed.

  10. This is why you don’t make rappers who have “Lil” in front of their names your man. They ain’t just little in size, they are also little in maturity.

  11. LOL. Shut out to the person who was just on here defending this little sh-t talking about he’s changed and all that other bullish-t.

  12. He needs to be dragged. I hope Future can take a moment from sleeping with his jumpoffs to put this wack nobody in his place.

  13. A simple no comment would have sufficed. Just because the relationships ended doesn’t mean you tell the private details of what happened in those relationships. I would think every grown man would understand this.

  14. What do y’all expect from a male who can been seen in a YouTube video pointing and rolling his neck while throwing a temper tantrum?

  15. Ciara has terrible taste in men. Her own fiancé said in an interview he smashed on the first date and now Bow Wow is putting her d-ck sucking skills on blast on MTV. WTF…

  16. I just don’t think your ex should tell people what y’all did in the bedroom when y’all were dating. Bow Wow is very insecure. He’s always trying to talk about what he does with women on FB/Twitter/IG and now TV shows. He’s definitely not a man.

  17. Hey prime and proper girls like giving head too, so what is the problem? lmaooooo! I hope people don’t think once you break up with someone that they are gonna keep your sex life a secret and not dicuss it. smh The only difference here is Bow Wow outed them in national TV bahhhhhh!

    1. How’s that sh-t even funny, though? I really don’t get some of y’all women who put up with this sort of disrespect! Bet if it was someone related to you that he outed on national TV, you’d be singing a different tune? SMDH!!!

  18. Bow Wow is a joke. Not only is he broke, washed up and gross…but he’s also insecure as hell.

  19. Sadly, this is the result of Bow Wow having no father figure in his life. He doesn’t know how to be a real man, so he thinks it’s perfectly ok to discuss his sex life in such a public way. Times like this I’m thankful my father was around to teach me how to be a man.

  20. Tacky. You don’t talk about your exes like they were just THOTs to you. He must be bitter they moved on.

  21. Damn near all these woman talking about the man is lame but lets face it ladies all yall sucking d-ck these days lol and dudes munching on your cooch so stop crying cause cause if you aint slobbing best believe we gonna keep mobbin. peace

    1. But that’s not the issue here. No one is denying grown people do grown things in the bedroom. The issue is a grown man feels like it’s ok to discuss what his ex girlfriends did in the bedroom on television. If you’re a lame like Bow Wow, you won’t see a issue with that though.

  22. Doesn’t he have a daughter?? He wouldn’t want some guy talking Publicly (on effin tv) about his daughter’s sex life. That’s disrespectful and immature.

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