Briana Latrise Thinks Angela Simmons Makes Too Much Money from GUHH?

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Briana Latrise and Angela Simmons have clashed in the past.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Angela Simmons has made it clear that she doesn’t like drama. In fact, she has no problem avoiding drama when possible. While filming with the rest of the cast, Angela will quickly leave a scene if she can sense the tension. In fact, this is what happened when she filmed her first scene with Briana Latrise. Angela said hello to Briana, and Briana told her they had already met. She asked how old they were when they met and Briana was later heard saying she doesn’t know Angela’s age now and using the “b” word. Angela didn’t appreciate what the conversation turned into, so she stormed off. She angrily told the producers she wouldn’t film with Briana again because GUHH is not “Love And Hip Hop.”

Angela’s determination not to film with Briana stuck for a while. However, the two women were able to hash it all out. They came to the agreement that their past exchange was a huge misunderstanding. And they could be cordial and even hang out together on the show moving forward. Since then, Briana and Angela have filmed scenes together. However, it doesn’t seem as if making peace with Angela is keeping Briana from speaking her mind on Instagram.

She recently had some things to say about GUHH newbie, Cree Campbell. And she seemingly got a little shady when a follower brought up Cree’s relationships with Angela and Vanessa Simmons.

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