More Baby Mama Drama for K Michelle

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago K Michelle confirmed she has a new man in her life, and it was later revealed by her man’s own baby mama that she’s actually dating former college basketball player Bobby Maze.

A woman who claims to be Bobby’s baby mama recently hit up the blogs and claimed Bobby is a deadbeat who doesn’t help her take care of their daughter.

Of course K Michelle clapped back and told the woman to stay mad on her Instagram account.

Well it appears Bobby’s baby mama isn’t done with K Michelle yet. After K Michelle posted a photo of Bobby to her Instagram account and said he’s the realest man she’s ever met, Bobby’s baby mama left the following comments on the photo (screenshots obtained by Sip The Tea):

k michelle more baby mama drama bobby maze


Bobby’s baby mama is also claiming she has some damaging information on K Michelle she may release later, and she says Bobby is the source.


  1. Umm wow. Why isn’t she going to the court to get this handled? Harassing K Michelle won’t make him a better father.

  2. If this woman was really upset about Bobby not being there for their daughter, she would have gotten her butt up and gotten a lawyer. This behavior right here makes me think her real issue is he’s moved on and is now seeing K Michelle. She needs to grow up.

  3. First off. Real tea K, cuz he like that big a-s, don’t make him boyfriend material.

    Second, I’m a need Bobby to handle his business so his baby mama can find a real job.

  4. This is just so childish. I’m not excusing Bobby from being a deadbeat but seriously, we know this is not why this woman keeps coming for K Michelle. Her real issue with K is K is the new woman in Bobby’s life. She’s jealous. Now if she really wanted to force him to pay child support, that is what the courts are for.

  5. She’s not going to be happy until K. Michelle drags her. And I will be laughing when that happens because she deserves it.

  6. So you get mad at the girlfriend of the deadbeat you chose to procreate with as if she’s the one responsible for his deadbeatness? Oh.

  7. I bet if this Bobby person hit up the baby mama right now and offered some d-ck, she’d take it with the quickness. LOL.

  8. This will not end well at all. You really have to do a background check on someone before you get involved with them. There’s no way I would date a man who has a crazy baby momma. It’s just not worth the stress.

  9. These babies mama’s are the most jealous, bitter b-tch’s on the planet. They never go to court for sh-t cause it really is not about the money it’s cause the man don’t wont they a-s no more and these dumb b-tches thought that if they had a baby then he would wife them and live happily ever after NOT!!! I have a friend and 2 family members who are babies mama’s and you can’t tell these hoe’s nothing about these men and then when he leave’s them for another women then they calling you and dragging his a-s. The part I don’t get if we can see he don’t wont them how come they dumb a-s’s can’t.

    1. Agree…these heffas be doing the most with this social media madness when they simple minded tails can go about it the legal way

  10. I don’t get some women. You’d rather Instagram stalk instead of going to the court to get your child support?

  11. That woman is extremely childish, but at the same time I hope K. Michelle is taking mental notes on this man. I find deadbeat parents very unattractive in general…

  12. Bitter women stay getting mad at everyone but the man who did them wrong. I hope K doesn’t respond to this bird.

  13. But why is she holding K Michelle responsible for what her baby daddy isn’t doing? Is he not a grown man? She really needs to sit down and let it go.

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