Wendy Williams Calls out Kanye West

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West continues to upset a lot of people as he compares being a celebrity to rape, slavery and the treatment of blacks in the ’60s, but the rapper refuses to back away from any of his comments.

However, talk show queen Wendy Williams has a bone to pick with Kanye after he told GQ Magazine that he wants to give his daughter North a shot at a better life by fighting for better treatment of celebrities.

Wendy says:

“How ‘bout if you spent more time with your daughter at home, with your wife [Kim Kardashian], doing normal people things, maybe then she’d have a shot at a normal life. But the fact that she’s got you as a father… all bets are off.”

Wendy also told the audience that she feels like North never seems happy to be around her parents in any of her photos:

“North is a beautiful baby, but I would love to see how she looks when she smiles.”

Check out the video below. Wendy comes for ‘Ye at the 7:36 mark:


  1. “Kanye West continues to upset a lot of people as he compares being a celebrity to rape, slavery and the treatment of blacks in the ’60s…”


    1. After he compared Kim to Michelle Obama, y’all shouldn’t be surprised by anything else that comes out of his mouth. LOL.

  2. I can’t understand why Kanye keeps comparing being a celebrity (by choice) to slavery. And then to top it off, he marries a woman who got busted for calling the paparazzi on herself and still does til this day. Smh.

  3. North does always look miserable when she’s with her parents. But when Kris Jenner is your mom, I mean I don’t expect you to be mom of the year. And Kanye is too concerned with being accepted by fashion designers and A listers to be around more.

  4. Finally Wendel calling out somebody who needs to be called out. Kanye is a self entitled spoiled brat that complains about everything when people are dealing with real life problems being a celebrity is a choice and he especially has no right to complain after marrying the biggest fame whore of this generation.

  5. As much as Wendy gets on my nerves, I cosign all of this. North is a cute child. But her parents are just more interested in fame unfortunately.

  6. If Kanye is so sick of being a celebrity and hates the life why can’t he pack up his family and move to Idaho!!! He married a woman that craves the celebrity life. He is such an hypocrite.

  7. so why does he want to give his daughter a normal life a problem.He’s not the only celeb fighting for paparazzi to leave their kids alone.
    how does she know how much time he spends with his kid.? he has a family he has to work

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