Mimi Faust Speaks on Broken Friendship with K Michelle

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are K Michelle and Mimi still friends? LHHATL star Mimi Faust found herself the target of scandal after her raunchy video with Nikko went viral and she closed a deal with Vivid Entertainment to profit from the situation, and she still claims the video was leaked and not filmed by a camera crew.

Despite Mimi’s denials, her fellow cast-mates have been taking shots at her and Nikko, and even her former friend K Michelle took to her Twitter account to make jokes at Mimi’s expense.

K Michelle says she no longer considers Mimi a friend because Mimi stopped talking to her once she exited the reality show, but now Mimi is discussing their fallout too.

She tweets:

mimi twitter

In case you’re wondering who Mimi is referring to as the enemy in the tweet, she’s referring to Joseline Hernandez. K Michelle made a guest appearance on LHHATL this season and in the episode she met up with Joseline in a recording studio and clowned Mimi’s raunchy video.


  1. K tried to tell her about Nikko and Mimi turned on her for it. So in my opinion she’s the one that wasn’t a good friend.

  2. I remember K. Michelle telling Mimi about Nikko before the tape. She knew he was a joke. And Mimi tried to play her about it and got whacked by those flowers. LOL.

  3. But Mimi acts like she doesn’t know what a real friend is though. Ariane was giving her some damn good advice on lhhatl and she was getting defensive she just wants a friend who agrees with everything she does. Real friends tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.

  4. None of them are real friends to each other really. They met and got cool just to film together. The only people I think who may really be friends are Mimi and Ariane because they were cool before the show.

  5. K Michelle called it about Nikko but why can’t she have the same discernment with her own love life? She dates bums too.

  6. K is a real friend and a real person. She joked around about the video with Joseline after Mimi tried to play her over Nikko. Mimi took Nikko’s side over K’s and now his true colors have been shown.

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