Benzino Spills the Tea

Photo Credit: VLAD TV
Photo Credit: VLAD TV

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline abused by Stevie J? Stevie J and Benzino are no longer besties, so it’s no shocker the LHHATL stars are taking shots at each other and spilling each other’s secrets on social media and in interviews.

Benzino recently told VLAD TV their friendship is on terrible terms because of Joseline Hernandez and he even claims the real tea is Joseline is abusing Stevie:

“When you see Stevie and Joseline episodes from season one, it’s just always about her disrespecting him whether it’s her punching on him…I think she ripped his ear off where he had to get stitches. There’s pictures of him being abused by her. It’s funny because I think about eight months ago or whatever it was, somebody had put out pictures of her saying Stevie was abusing her but the real truth is it’s the other way around. She abuses him.

“To me there’s no money in the world that I could take that disrespect.”

Benzino says Stevie even told him Joseline pulled a gun on him once:

“We’ve heard stories of her pulling guns on him and all kind of stuff. Hitting him in the head with a red bottom while he was sleeping. I mean he’s taking abuse from her and you know usually I get the call to come pick him up at the crib and when something is going on.

“I didn’t see it. This is what he was saying. One time it was a shotgun around and she pulled it out, pointed it at him and it was no bullets in it….supposedly. She’s nuts. The girl is crazy.”

Check out the video below:


  1. He looks just like his daddy. Anyway, we saw a glimpse of this in the therapist’s office. That’s why I found the rumors of him abusing her hard to believe.

  2. He sure does have a lot to say about Stevie but not much to say about why his woman has slept with three people on the show.

  3. Benzino is so lame for this. No amount of money in the world would you allow someone to disrespect you but in the same breath you disrespected Stevie by putting his baby mama’s sextape scandal as your cover for money and now you tell your friends business because y’all are not talking over a whore that sleeps with everyone.

  4. Benzino really thought he was spilling tea that nobody didn’t know. So everything Benzino is saying isn’t shocking I mean she did beat his a-s in the therapist office.

  5. Well I guess Benzino was never really Stevie’s friend because he shouldn’t be ok with telling the world this. Smh.

  6. If Joseline is this messed up, why hasn’t anyone stepped in to get her some help? That’s what I would love to know.

  7. He’s not even saying this out of concern. He’s saying it out of anger because Althea has slept with Stevie, him and Nikko. But instead of being angry with her, he wants to take it out on Stevie and Joseline.

  8. Wait, shouldn’t he be worried about what STD Hothea might bring home though instead of constantly all up in Stevie’s business? If I was him, I’d be more worried about the next negro Althea’s probably creeping with than being so damned pressed about Joseline. He’s obsessed!!!

  9. This tea is STALE! It’s no surprise that Joseline will man handle Stevie in the blink of an eye. She did it 1st & 2nd season. He’s still w her…so what’s No Neck’s point? She must’ve slugged him too & Stevie ain’t help. That’s the real reason he mad.

  10. I think Benzino needs to worry about his own problems. Althea just said she doesn’t want to sign a prenup because she wants to own half of his magazine and she was dead serious.

  11. Benzino is so b!tch made. Stevie needed to stop being friends with Benzino last year when he lied about smashing Joseline and making that lame a$$ song about her.

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