Watch: Lil Wayne Has Run-in with Gang Member

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne has claimed allegiance to the Bloods gang for several years now, and as a result he’s had members of rival gangs confront him about it when they catch him in person.

The latest incident happened the other night while he was leaving a night club with his rumored girlfriend Christina Milian.

The Boom Box reports:

If you’re going to rep a gang or hold it down for a particular color or set, you better expect someone to call you on it. Just ask Lil Wayne, who was confronted by a Crips gang member last night (July 29), after he performed at the Supperclub in Los Angeles, Calif.

While leaving the venue and heading to his vehicle with rumored girlfriend Christina Milian, he was approached by a man in a blue bucket hat.

“Ay Wayne, Ay Wayne, Wayne. Big Magic here,” the angry guy said. “You better check in n—-. Magic, n—-. 87 gangsta, n—-. Crip. Straight up. Crip, n—-. Straight up, n—-. Crip, n—-. F— Suge, n—-. Crip, n—-. N—– can’t say s—. You can call who you want to. Birdman, anybody.”

Lil Wayne didn’t respond and smartly just got in a car and left. Check out the video below:


  1. He’s lucky it wasn’t worse. But this is what happens when you try to pretend you’re a gang banging thug. Someone will always test you.

  2. Sounds like he was pissed Weezy didn’t cut him a check. These gangs are always tying to extort these rappers.

  3. Weezy did he right thing by just ignoring him and getting in the car. But when you rap about the streets, the streets will come and find you to see if you’re anything like your lyrics.

  4. Damn Christina is still f-cking for tracks still? I mean it hasn’t worked for the last ten years.

  5. Wayne is such a fake gangsta that’s why real gang members have problems with him using their affiliations for his benefit. Anyways I just can’t believe Christina is so open with Wayne I always knew she was a thot but she really doesn’t care about her reputation.

  6. Why would Wayne stoop to a peasants level. He’s a millionaire and this crip guy has nothing better else to do. He’s looking for some trouble to get in and with one easy phone call he will be dead by next week. You don’t have to prove a point by arguing with ignorance sometimes it’s best to walk away. He does have kids and he has something to live for.

  7. I think soon these artist will start banning together against these low life thugs and the person was right these artist are rich and you don’t f-ck with rich people.

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