Kenya Moore is Still Finding Joy in Phaedra & Porsha’s Misfortunes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA star Kenya Moore will be vindicated on the upcoming season of the hit reality show considering Apollo Nida reportedly admitted during filming that he lied completely about TextGate and he even apologized.

Although Kenya says she does feel sorry for Apollo and Phaedra Parks’ kids (Apollo was sentenced to eight years in prison), it appears Kenya does feel pretty justified about Phaedra’s current problems and Porsha’s too.

She tweets (read tweets from top to bottom):

kenya moore twitter


  1. What else does that whey-faced b-tch have going on but constantly talking about those two? Nothing!!! Phaedra and the two boys will be fine without Apollo, meanwhile Kenya still needs to figure out how make her soupy eggs fertile, and how to get on a syndicated radio show like Porsha. B-tch bye!!!

    1. Kenya is right. Both phaedra and porsha are divorcée. So karma is a b-tch. Just count ur blessing, and don’t rub it on people faces.

      1. At least they had husbands. Kenya has been engaged too many damn times (according to her), and has nary a ring to show for it. Why, cause nobody wants to sleep next to crazy.

        But what about the big ‘ol karma stick she’s gonna get whacked with for sleeping with Toye’s old, ugly and very married behind though?

        1. t least they had husbands.(side) does not make sense
          Yes, them ladies(did) have husbands. I agree with you
          What is Kenya not being married a big deal?
          Being married does not complete your life
          Anyone, can have a lot of engagement rings.
          Nobody wishes to lay beside a crazy person???
          I am not going label this lady crazy. (by just watching the crazy box, cast mates,Gossip or social media web sites)
          Only a person, who has a degree in human behaviour can diagnose K.M. Issues.
          Have you heard the saying: “A D*** HAS NO CONSEQUENCE , a P**** HAS NO FACE”
          Guarantee, This woman has no problem in getting a man or partner (IJS)
          People in the entertainment world,keep their personaL life out of the media.
          **** If Kenya , decides to show the public her soulmate-People will still have negativity)******(IJS)

          1. Stanning for Kenya and running up and down the thread quoting scripture, etc. doesn’t change the fact that Kenya inserted herself into those two women’s marriages and had a whole lot to say. If she’d had her own man, and not one who belonged to someone else, she would expect that others would keep their nose out of her relationship. I’m unsure why her followers refuse to see she was wrong.

            Maybe she needs to stop stealing other people’s husbands and find her own. Oh wait…she’s CRAZY, and everyone knows it, so that will never happen. Toye is the latest she tried to steal, and since she was outed for being a whore, we have not seen hide or hair of her “African Prince”!

            “A pretty face hiding an ugly soul will always show ugly to the world…” – julyol1972

  2. Everything is karma to Kenya when it’s not dealing with her. Some would say her karma was getting dragged by Porsha though.

    1. Porsha got lucky and that drag made kenya more famous than porsha……Kenya bounce back, but porsha was crying on the floor like a big baby.

      1. But if I recall, Kenya bragged that Porsha was getting fired for dragging her. So happened with that boo? *giggles*

      2. How is Kenya more famous, but has no paycheck out of “the dragging heard ’round the world” while Porsha got a syndicated radio gig? *pulls up chair to wait*

      1. LOL why do y’all get all emotional when we say she was DRAGGED? She was DRAGGED. DRAGGED. DRAGGED. DRAGGED. DRAGGED. Wait, let me say it four more times…DRAGGED, DRAGGED, DRAGGED, DRAGGED.

        Now, get yourself a box of tissues. It will be ok sis. Kenya was DRAGGED (oops there’s that word again), but I mean she lived, right? And that DRAGGING lives on too through GIFs, YouTube, reruns, and your salty comments every time we bring that back up again. But I love y’all tho. 🙂

          1. LOL I don’t let internet strangers’ opinions of me hurt my self esteem. See I know who I am. But I’m flattered you took the time to dig up motivational quotes for lil ole me. I hope it made you feel better boo.

          Stop promoting violence!
          Dragging is not a beatdown(IJS)
          It might be to you,
          People have to see violence every day.
          Grow up!
          What Porsha did to Kenya,showing the world she has no control over he herself. Not cool!

          1. Aww you’re really upset too. Let me help you and give you a big E-hug sis. *hugs* I hope you’re having a good day love. 🙂

  3. Oh Kenya girl stop. All of y’all are nasty to each other. You even came on the show being nasty towards harmless Cynthia out of all people. You’re not a victim ma’am.

  4. I’m pretty sure there were moments when karma was served to Kenya as well. IE…the walter situation and Porsha dragging her. Just saying.

  5. When I tell y’all this evil lady is going to get what’s coming to her and much more. She needs to follow her own advice because she has definitely acted maliciously and it will definitely come back on her.

    1. No sis you are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else I don’t understand it lol but that’s ok.

    1. Porsha and phaedra both was telling kenya she can’t get a husband, neither does both of them……what so special about having a husband that’s going to divorce you down the line……

  6. Off topic but umm…so VH1 couldn’t tell nobody there wasn’t going to be a new episode of LHHATL tonight? LOL.

    1. Girl I was at the tv like what the hell didn’t we see this last week. I was definitely fooled lol.

  7. I personally think all the ladies could be nicer to each other but then people wouldn’t watch. Anyway, I hardly believe Porsha or Phaedra are looking for Kenya’s sympathy or support. Like any other adult, they’ll get through their tough times. No one is exempt from trials and bad days. Both will be fine.

  8. I just got one thing to say: Until @KenyaMoore gets her ugly azz pimply face a MAN & A LIFE, there will be no vindication!! #GOODBYEBIT*H

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