K Michelle Isn’t Having It

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star K Michelle went public with her new romance about a month ago, and her relationship with former college basketball player Bobby Maze has been making headlines as of late thanks to ongoing baby mama drama.

Despite one of Bobby’s baby mamas accusing him of not providing financially for his daughter, K Michelle seems to think the real issue is Bobby is now dating an up and coming R&B singer and his ex is just jealous.

So it’s no surprise K has no problems shutting down anyone who comes for her man on Instagram.

The other day when someone popped off about Bobby and they got their information all wrong, K clapped back with the following (screenshot obtained by Sip The Tea):

k michelle goes off


    1. She doesn’t necessarily but she makes time for it because she’s insecure about her relationship.

  1. Ummmm K went all the way in and there was no need to…..like if she is soOOO happy and is soOOO busy how is she even able to spot folks comin for her on IG and they aren’t even @ her???? Smh K needs to find something else to do cuz she sounds all types of ratchet….like I would’ve laughed at K if she made that comment to me and @ me back like “my job done”

  2. Wow she was really mad I see. I don’t understand why these celebs actually sit and read what people say all day. They should be too busy to even know what was said. And if they aren’t, they aren’t working hard enough.

  3. She should have just ignored that woman because it wasn’t worth a response. I think she should just start blocking people and stop reading her mentions because this is not a good look.

  4. She’s very sensitive. The littlest thing makes her angry and pressed. If she’s happy with her boo, there’s no need to be cursing out people on IG.

  5. So, going to undergrad at TSU and living in Nashville for a while, I’ve learned that a lot of people from Memphis can “check” like that and not be phased/angry. A lot of celebs pop off and are real life upset or whatever, but I really think she does it because it’s in her DNA. All that to say, she may not be as pressed as we think. Is it petty? Yeah. Most definitely. But I’m sure she went on about her business after she responded.

    1. Nah, I spent a lot of time in Memphis and this has nothing to do with Memphis. Hell I have fam from there and they don’t walk around cursing people out all the time. K Michelle is pressed because if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t take the time to read every single comment she gets. Pressed people do that. And trust me, there’s a lot of comments on her pictures. She sits on IG all day and responds to everything negative. That is not what a unfazed person does.

      And let’s not pretend K isn’t known for getting angry all the time. We had two seasons of LHH to see that with our own eyes. People on here are calling it like we see it. She is talented and I like her, but she’s never been a mature or secure person (look at her booty). Nor is she the symbol of how Memphis people are either.

      1. I was not attributing that to “everybody” in/from Memphis. I can agree with your position, and my comment was not to say that anyone who felt otherwise was wrong. Just an alternative perspective based on my own personal observations. At any rate, your stance is respected. Touche’.

  6. I agree with K there is always some non reading mofo’s on the blog making statements and didn’t really read the topic. I am not a celeb and they have come for me about my comments. Then after I drag the dog sh-t of out them, they get some (GET RIGHT).

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