K Michelle Single Again?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle and Bobby Maze break up? K Michelle confirmed several weeks ago that she had a new man in her life, and her romance to former college basketball player Bobby Maze has kept her in the headlines as of late thanks to continuous baby mama drama.

Not only is one of Bobby’s alleged baby mamas slamming the R&B singer on Instagram constantly, but even some of the singer’s own fans have criticized her about the relationship too.

Interestingly enough, it appears K Michelle and Bobby may already be over.

She posted the following on Instagram hours ago:

k michelle instagram


  1. Well she tends to always break up with her boyfriends immediately after she goes public with them. Then she takes them back a couple more times before ending it again for real. So I doubt she’s done with Bobby yet. This is just standard dating habits for her.

  2. It’s probably a blessing in disguise since Bobby “allegedly” doesn’t even take care of his kids.

  3. *gasp* No, but seriously. I’m tired of ppl putting every new relationship on social media, only to break it off weeks later.

  4. I just said on here that if she wasn’t insecure about the relationship she wouldn’t been going ham on people so much when they said something about Bobby on Instagram.

  5. Well duh these guys are never serious about her as she is with them. Until she stops getting sprung off of dudes that give her a little attention this will always happen. Smashed and dashed is the story of K’s life.

  6. The thing is when you have a big a-s, a lot of men feel like they just have to get you in the bed and fulfill the fantasy. Once they get it, they are over it because to them you’re nothing more than a big a-s. Having a big booty is a gift and a curse. She’s going to have to make men wait before she sleeps with them to make sure they want more than just sex from her.

  7. I don’t get why she has to have her big @ss in that pic like that…she loves the attention that big ol’ thing gets her, unfortunately it’s attracting quantity not quality!

  8. When K. Michelle is done with a person, you will know and not have to guess by a pic she has on IG. I have said this over and over, K. Michelle knows what she is doing and plays the media game pretty well. What better way to shut down the baby momma and the blogs coming for him, if she is not thought to be with him. Mark my words…next time you see K. Michelle and Bobby together will be on her TV show with all this baby mama drama old news…

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