K Michelle is Done

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star K Michelle managed to have a strong first week in album sales with her debut album “Rebellious Soul,” however, these days the singer is making headlines more so for her social media activity than her work.

And that’s because she has no problems clapping back at her critics on Twitter and Instagram, and when she does she always goes for the jugular.

Interestingly enough, K Michelle says she is done clapping back at nasty Instagram comments.

She posted the following hours ago:

k michelle instagram
k michelle instagram 2


In related news, the singer confirmed she is still dating Bobby Maze despite recent Instagram antics.


    1. Honey, she didn’t make it through that post!!! With the name calling and insults, she has already set herself back. SMH, so much talent and so little common sense!

  1. Why does K insist on calling black women monkeys and nappy heads? Yes she does need to clean up her IG behavior. It’s terrible for her image.

  2. Wow. Nappy headed. So this is where we are in 2014? First Omarion and now an actual black woman displaying the same ignorance against other black women? I tell you it’s hard to support this chick.

  3. Yeah I don’t like that she called people nappy headed and untamed humans but I mean when has K ever made it clear that she likes herself? I think she should take a break from social media all together and get her head right. She has a lot of unresolved anger issues.

    1. Well to be fair sis your girl Nicki actually called people nappy headed hoes on her song. It’s obvious that a lot of women of color still struggle with self hate and have negative views on natural hair. That’s why there is no outrage over what K wrote.

  4. So I’m a nappy head who actually purchased this woman’s album because I wanted to support a talented black woman. No more since she has no problems throwing all black women under a bus for a few IG trolls. Smh.

  5. But did y’all read the comments though? None of her fans (mostly black women) had a problem with her calling women nappy headed untamed humans. They are actually praising her for saying it. That’s the most disturbing thing about it. If K was white and wrote that on IG there would be petitions and a boycott in the works. My people my people. Smh.

    1. One of her stans is on here and just defended it. It makes me sick to know that in 2014 we still haven’t really progressed.

  6. I love Instagram and Twitter because it lets you see how stupid most of these artists really are. I want all of them to keep telling on themselves. I was a fan but I’m good now.

    -Signed, a nappy head

  7. She also tweeted this in December: I will never trust a person with nappy edges. They don’t luv themselves, so they couldn’t possibly luv me. #randomthought

    And this is who black women are supporting?

      1. K Michelle doesn’t love herself though and that’s why she talks about black women the way she does. That’s the irony of that tweet.

  8. Ok I gave her a pass for the monkey thing but this just confirms to be she’s one of those self hating black women who will tear down all black women just because she can’t handle internet trolling. And I don’t believe for a second she won’t be cursing out people on IG again in a few days.

  9. If she was intelligent she would have been able to express herself intelligently without sounding like she wears white sheets over her head.

  10. So “nappy” hair doesn’t grow out of her scalp too? I’m just trying to understand why she talks like she’s a white woman. I mean I understand she wears a lot of wigs and textures that aren’t her own, but that doesn’t make her less black.

  11. Damn. You can tell K. Michelle does not love herself. A black woman who loves her God given features would NEVER talk like this.

  12. I’m starting to believe women with fake a-ses are all stupid and vain losers. So far my theory has been right.

  13. Does she not understand that calling black women monkeys and nappy headed won’t add to her bank account either?

  14. The ironic thing is actually think she would look better without the cheap wigs and yaki and actually wore her “nappy” hair.

  15. K is not going to stop until she says something so offensive people will be boycotting her. Then she will want to hop off the rebel train and apologize but it will be too late.

  16. This is what happens when celebs try too hard to look like they are so real. Being real is cute until people stop supporting you.

  17. She could have left that ridiculous caption out. The photo said enough and there was no need to ruin it with such an ignorant set of sentences.

  18. If she ever wants to sell out big venues and have a platinum album, she’s going to have to learn how to bring it down a few notches. She continues to turn off possible fans.

  19. So K starts off with praying in church to then calling women nappy headed and untamed c*m catchers…….Hmmm. walking contradiction. Such a voice but not much of common sense and/or brain. #Bird

  20. I guess I have to put K. Michelle on my list of black celebs to no longer support because I told myself I can no longer give money to blacks who hate the race.

  21. IF you feel she was talking to you then you must be that nappy headed negative person she is talking about. She don’t know you personally so don’t take what she said to heart. Now if you don’t like what I just said come for me cause I am not done with social media.

    1. Girl ain’t nobody scared of you. You always jump on here making threats like people are supposed to tread lightly. F-ck K Michelle and her entire existence. She will never be more than a low budget R&B singer because she’s too f-cking stupid on social media. And she’s too stupid to see she’s hurting herself. That’s the most insane part of it all. I’m completely done with trying to support this stupid THOT. I wish I could get my money back.

    2. Umm but you were the same one who went all the way in on Tamar when she was talking about Blue Ivy’s hair. Oh the irony.

      1. Yes I am that b-tch and I came for that plastic face THOT cause she was talking about a baby. I said don’t take what she said to heart she didn’t call no names and if you are not what she said then it should not bother you I have natural hair no chemicals and what she said was stupid but I didn’t take it to heart cause she don’t know me. Tamar is nappy headed and she had the nerve to talk about a 2 year old baby. and that’s why Tamar also can’t sell albums or big venues, saying stupid sh-t.

  22. She’s going to regret all of this in a few years. She’s gotten arrogant and thinks her career can’t be stalled for poor behavior but even bigger celebs understand image is everything.

  23. Why does she let trolls push her to the edge all the time? The photo said it all. She didn’t need to say all of that.

  24. OK so you want to go there if your dumb a-s would have really read my comment you would have understood what I was saying but you just let all these people know your that your that nappy headed negative person and now you crying cause you spent your lil money on her and her bank account is now bigger than yours, do you know her? well if not why would you let some one make a statement and not mention your name and then you respond by crying about you wish you could get your money back. K is some where enjoying her life and you on social media MAD. I have natural hair I don’t need no chemicals and I am Chinese and Black but I embrace my black side and I have thick nappy hair and I could give a rats a-s about someone saying the words NAPPY HEADED as long as they don’t say it to me. Don’t be so sensitive these celebs could care less about what you think of them.

    1. So now you’re calling people out their names because they disagreed with you sis? No wonder you’ve got on a cape for K Michelle, you’re just like her.


      1. Can you read? did you see were I said what she said was stupid? Try not to make this about me I don’t have self esteem issues. I don’t let a comment someone makes take me there unless that say it directly to ME, next time read the comment before you reply. You just did what she wanted your a-s to do.

  25. Most of these comments are on point, so I don’t have much to add but please believe some of these celebs are hurting themselves by what they do and say on Instagram. And when the next album drops and it flops, I don’t want to hear about her throwing another temper tantrum on Twitter because then it will be too late. Attention whoring is pointless if you turn people off.

  26. Some of yall on here act like yall aint never called somebody nappy headed in your lifetime. Please. Just like I’m sure some of yall have called other black women bi-ches, h-es, and what have you. Aint none of us on here perfect in the s-it we may have said from time to time, so lets not get self-righteous on here

    1. Ok. So by your ridiculous logic we also shouldn’t get offended when someone calls us the N Word either because I mean hey, they have been calling us that forever, right? How dare our ancestors be so self righteous! Ugh. K’s fans are just as dumb as she is I swear.

    2. I can tell by this raggedy comment that you’re a rebel. Y’all are the only ones who believe it’s perfectly ok for a black woman to call another black woman a monkey, nappy headed, and untamed animal. So do me a favor and don’t get pissed off when a white person calls you the same. Thank goodness y’all are in the minority because I can’t stomach stupid people making up the majority of our race.

    3. If our ancestors didn’t get “self righteous” we would still be slaves, segregated and unable to vote. But I’ll let you pretend you just wrote some wisdom on here. FYI, whites said our black leaders were being self righteous during the civil rights movement. Meditate on that.

    4. Stupid comment. You have to be a stan or K Michelle herself. Y’all even excused her calling black women monkeys. Your opinion means nothing.

    5. “Some of yall on here act like yall aint never called somebody nappy headed in your lifetime. Please. Just like I’m sure some of yall have called other black women bi-ches, h-es, and what have you. Aint none of us on here perfect in the s-it we may have said from time to time, so lets not get self-righteous on here” >>>> Girl you can have a whole stadium of seats. A blog has a comment section so people can post their comments and we can say and feel whatever the hell we want to, just like your little simple self has the right to dismiss your fave talking like a certified Ku Klux Klan member because you decided somewhere in your sad life that you connected to her pathetic a-s. Like attract like and you defend what you relate to. But if we don’t want to support her anymore, we won’t. And you will deal. Bye bye now.

      1. BOL, I knew this would get some negative comments but whatever. Aint none of yall can honestly say you never used the N word against other blacks or degraded another black woman or men ever in your lives for whatever reason. How many black men have y’all called n-gga? How many black women have y’all called b*tch, hoe? How many black women have y’all called nappy headed? How many other black celebs have y’all got on this site and bashed and trashed for whatever reasons? How many other commentors on here have you all disagreed with and called out their name just because that person had a difference of opinion on here cuz I’ve seen some of you go all the way in on those you assume are black and refer to as “sis” and said sh*t you shouldnt or what some would refer to as degradation of another black woman so….. Regardless of whether she’s right or wrong, K is still human just like you all who I’m certain have bashed many “bros” and “sis” in your lifetime. Y’all full of sh*t on this damn blog.

        1. “BOL, I knew this would get some negative comments but whatever. Aint none of yall can honestly say you never used the N word against other blacks or degraded another black woman or men ever in your lives for whatever reason.”

          I have never called another black person the N word. And I’ll tell you why. When I was just 4 years old, I went to a summer camp and on voting day I accidentally got in a older white woman’s way and she called me the N word. I didn’t even know what it meant, but she looked at me in disgust and I broke down into tears. I will never forget how that made me feel. So no, not everyone uses that word. To make the assumption just to downplay what K Michelle said makes you look very ignorant and I can see you also don’t think very much of your own race either just like K Michelle.

          I don’t call other women b-tches either, nor do I call them hoes because I actually believe women have the right to be as sexually free as men without judgement. So again, you’re wrong.

          ” How many black women have y’all called b*tch, hoe? How many black women have y’all called nappy headed?”

          The better question is how many black women have YOU called black women nappy headed. Because the only reason you’re downplaying this is because you also have see no problem with downing our God given hair. I don’t use the term nappy, EVER. And I’ve been natural for almost 7 years.

          “How many other black celebs have y’all got on this site and bashed and trashed for whatever reasons?”

          I don’t think anyone on this site has ever used any racist language to discuss a celeb on here, do you? Can you think of anyone on here calling another black woman a monkey? Untamed animal? But K Michelle herself has called black women monkeys, untamed humans, and nappy headed hoes. And to think, that’s what you’re defending. BTW, I’ve never called anyone out their name to debate on here because I’m intelligent enough that I don’t need to. Didn’t K Michelle go to college and join a prominent black sorority that encourages women to be educated, professional, classy and successful? I’m sure Delta is disappointed in what she’s turned out to be. Everything she is goes against their principles.

          “Regardless of whether she’s right or wrong, K is still human just like you all who I’m certain have bashed many “bros” and “sis” in your lifetime. Y’all full of sh*t on this damn blog.”

          Word of advice, if you’re so disgusted by us, you can read other blogs. But from what I’ve seen in the comment sections of other sites, they’re nastier and hate the black race. But maybe you’ll prefer it over there since you’re angry at us for not being ok with a black woman calling other black women monkeys, untamed humans and nappy headed hoes.

          But I like to speak with my wallet. Arguing with you won’t do much because you’re just like her. But I’ll be sure not to support anything else K Michelle does.

          1. I’ve seen several women on here who have called other women names, including the celebs. I’ve seen people on here call these women hoes and have even seen one person on here tell another woman she wasn’t sh*t and her kids wasn’t sh*t and to die. I’ve seen others on here call other women b*tches too so the essays, please save em, cuz it is what it is. Y’all claim I’m defending her, but I’m merely pointing out all y’all bashing her have done the very same thing to “our people” and others in your lifetime, of course you’re not real enough to admit it tho, but it’s cool. Some of the comments on here I’ve seen are just as bad as what ya’ll claiming she’s done so why be the pot calling the kettle black and acting all holier than thou. I could care less whether anyone on here supports or doesn’t support K or buy another album or see another show, your money, who gives a damn, but don’t be hypocrites when you all have gotten on here and said f*cked up sh*t about other commentors cuz they differ with you and black celebs yourselves. And just like y’all, I can continue to read what blogs I choose and make comments just like you whether you agree or disagree cuz some of y’all a-ses on here can be just as ignorant as K with the comments.

          2. Deflection 101. Good call Peachy.

            And Queen is the real deal. She’s my favorite person on here. Always intelligent, classy and thoughtful. You should get like her Anonymous. Then maybe you’d argue over a much better cause.

        2. Girl do you really think your responses are helping your fave any? So far from what I’ve read people are more disgusted with the rebels than K Michelle because yall are trying to defend what she does. Yall are the reason she’s so nasty and unlikable because yall sit in the comment section “Yassss K, call these nappy headed hoes out!” Keep it up and see what happens to her career.

          1. Her responses are nothing but deflection. She’s a rebel and she knows K was wrong but she wants to change the subject and make this about the few crazies on the site even though the majority of us are college educated and carry ourselves with class in the comments. And that’s why someone wrote on here like two days ago that the comments on UB are better than all the other blogs. You can’t take two take crazy stans and try to make them a representation of the majority of us because your favorite singer has been caught multiple times speaking like a racist. But I’ll tell you what, I won’t ever support K Michelle again. Not only is she ignorant but her supporters are just as troublesome.

        3. Queen, please don’t waste your time on this K Michelle stan. She purposely ignored all of your points to write the same exact comment on here like 5 times. I’m with you girl. I’ll speak with my wallet too and I won’t support her music or watch her reality shows. Now, let the stans support her even though they couldn’t even help her get a platinum album or sold out shows in real venues. They ought to be on here trying to save their fave, not turn us completely off. The more they comment on here with foolishness, the more I’m done with K.

          1. Oh don’t worry, I’m done. I already unfollowed K Michelle on Twitter and Instagram. I will not be watching any reality shows she’s on anymore either. To make excuses for her and totally bring up unrelated points to back up ignorance is a sign to me that I need to support someone else. That’s one reason I do feel good about being a Beyonce fan. She has women with natural hair as dancers, in her band, and even her daughter rocks her kinky hair all the time. And she doesn’t call black women monkeys when she’s trolled on IG. By the way, Beyonce gets nastier comments on IG and she handles it with class. But not everyone can be a class act I guess.

  27. LOL at the two stans being mad at black women being offended by another black woman using hate speech. Jesus Christ.

  28. She’s always bragging about how much money she has but why won’t she pay to have someone handle her social media accounts or damn just get a publicist in general?

  29. As hard as it is for black artists to sell albums and make it she needs to get her sh-t together and be more professional.

  30. Well I’m a nappy headed rebel and I’m getting sick and tired of nappy hair being talked about in such a negative context. Now I’m really getting to the point where i’m questioning why I’m even a fan. I’m not about to be blindly loyal to someone who talks like this about other black women.

  31. I blame K’s fans. They are the ones telling (and you can look and see I’m not lying right on this blog) her that it’s ok to behave the way she does. They are on IG right now agreeing with what she said and they are just blowing her head up. Truth time will be when that next album comes out. Believe that. She’ll be humbled then. She doesn’t have the money or the level of fame to act like an a-s.

  32. For everyone else on here with brain, don’t argue with any of these raggedy K Michelle stans. Boycott her. Don’t buy her music, don’t watch her reality shows and support other artists who respect the race. It’s time to send a message.

    1. Oh and one of the rebels just wrote on K Michelle’s picture that she’s not mad about the nappy head comment because she’s “not nappy.” That comment and this one Anonymous rebel are the main reasons I’m done with K. They can have it. The next time she drops an album, single, mix tape or whatever, I won’t be downloading or purchasing it.

  33. Y’all the a-ses on here who keeps arguing and replying. I made a comment and y’all few felt compelled to hit the reply button, so whatever! I could give a sh*t who agrees or disagrees. Just remember all that holier than thou talk the next time UB posts a story about another black celeb, or you refer to someone who hates on you as a b*tch, THOT, hoe, n-gga, or whatever cuz can’t nobody on here honestly say they have never referred to another black person as such in person, on social media, in conversations with others, etc, including y’all phony asses.

  34. Y’all talking all that sh*t but I bet all of y’all went to see Think Like A Man II after Kevin Hart said what he said and continues to say about black women tho, but y’all can’t support anyone who hates themselves and degrade the black race, FOH with that mess. Phony a-ses.

  35. Never heard of this person before. But she sounds ignorant as hell. Eh, don’t support her if you’re offended and keep it moving I say.

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