K Michelle and Mimi Faust Hash it Out

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and Mimi Faust were friendly to each other during the first season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” however their “friendship” went sour after Mimi hooked up with Nikko.

K Michelle tried to warn Mimi that Nikko was an opportunist who couldn’t be trusted, but Mimi sided with Nikko and K. Michelle eventually embarrassed Mimi by hitting her in the face with a bouquet of flowers backstage at one of her shows.

But now that Mimi now feels Nikko really is an opportunist who used her for reality stardom, it appears the former friends are now squashing the beef (read tweets from top to bottom):

mimi faust twitter 3

mimi faust twitter 4


    1. Girl you just made me laugh out loud at my desk and everybody started looking at me crazy. Thank goodness I’m going on a late lunch.

    2. Nah she reserves that for her critics and her fans who actually tell her the truth. I remember she called one of her own fans (who is a black woman) a monkey for telling her she should ignore the negative comments because it’s a terrible look for her image. K cursed that girl clean out just because she went against the stans and told her the truth. That girl was humiliated and hurt because she was a huge supporter. K Michelle is a monster hyped up by her silly stans.

    1. Really? Because she still hasn’t apologized for calling black women monkeys, nappy headed c-m catchers and untamed humans. Wouldn’t it be convenient for her to apologize now since her career is just starting out?

  1. K. Michelle is the kind of person who will say and do whatever necessary to break you down when you disagree on something and then after the fact be like oh I love you girl! Umm, no. I could never be friends with her.

  2. Can we get a post on Queen Tamar. You know, a real up and coming R&B singer who sells albums and has real money? Someone who doesn’t have to call black women nappy headed, untamed humans when she gets trolled on Instagram? Thanks.

    1. That shade was not needed. Tamar married rich and has been trying to get on since 2001. K may be ratchet but she does her own thing and makes her own money. Miss Doo Wop Pop aint all that girl. lol

        1. Oh there you are! Are you the sad soul who keeps playing on K Michelle’s Wikipedia page and lying? K didn’t sell 500,000 copies of Rebellious Soul and it didn’t go gold either. Let’s stick to the facts, ok?

      1. Tamar doesn’t make her own money?

        1. 2 reality shows
        2. A talk show
        3. A successful tour
        4. Sold more albums than K Michelle’s racist behind

        And to top it off she does all of it without calling black women nappy headed monkeys. 🙂

        1. Do you not who Ms. Tamar is? She throws shade just like K Michelle does. She’s not near as saved, sanctified, and an example of what young black girls should grow up to be as you would like. The difference between Tamar’s album sales and K Michelle’s isn’t that big and Tamar can’t write music, so I’m pretty sure K is making more in the long run. In my eyes they’re on equal ground but i digress. God bless you 🙂

    2. No but the plastic face will talk about a babies hair, and Tamar didn’t sell a lot of copies of her album Vince and GAGA bought most of them and she only sold 250 thousand. Tamar was married to a producer named Darrel and he her dumped her along with 5 other labels. Tamar has called other women names before and you and I both know if Vince was not rich she would not be with him cause your girl has been passed around the industry by rappers, producers that were married and ball players. Real facts you can check it out for yourself. If your a fan of Tamars you would have heard her say “I had to kiss a lot of frogs to get to my prince.” With that said Tamar is far from being real.

  3. Glad they are trying to hash it out. After watching last night episode Mimi has got to be the dumbest woman on the planet.

  4. K likes to shade people then go back & kiss their a-s.. she is starting to become the female Kanye for me. She needs to milk up as much time as she can because when Love & Hip Hop gets canceled nobody will really be checking for her!

      1. Nobody. I googled her today just to see… as I typed in k Michelle H kimichelle hoodrat came up so apparently everyone is already thinking what I was thinking. Oh and I nice video of her twerking in the studio came up I thought she was a singer?!?!?!

    1. Aww the K Michelle stans are mad!!!!! Y’all need to hop off here and help K’s wood album at least go gold!!!!! Y’all are some weak stans!!!! Y’all rather come on here and try to go off on people for speaking the truth but y’all couldn’t go to the store and buy her album tho???? What kind of stan….

      But I get why y’all are so pressed!!! Y’all know she doesn’t have enough fans to begin with so y’all know losing the ones she had on here is not good for business!!!! LMAO!!!!

  5. Child please. K Michelle can never be a friend to any other black woman. She hates herself and black women too much to keep a friendship going. And Mimi knows it too. That’s why she gave her that dry response.

  6. She doesnt need to apologize for calling them nappy headed cum catchers! She was responding to all of the negative people who comment daily just to harrass her. I looked at one of her pics and was BAFFLED at some of the stuff they say to her. Hell I even respond to some of the negative things they say cause it is HORRIBLE. At the end of the day her REAL fans know that she is genuine so we will continue to support!!!

    1. Y’all still upset folks on here said they aren’t buying her stuff no more? LOL. Get over it. And it ain’t that many of yall supporting her to be honest. That’s why her album didn’t even go gold. But she’s going to need y’all more than ever the next time she releases an album because she’s already lost a lot of support in the last few months because of what she says on Instagram. You can clap back at idiots without using racist slurs against your own people. Rihanna does it all the time and she actually sells albums and has real tours.

      1. Yeah because as reckless as Rihanna is with her mouth you didn’t see her doing that when she was a new artist. K what’s her name will stay going wood.

      2. Aint nobody give a sh*t if ya’ll on here don’t support K Michelle anymore. Y’all can do what the hell y’all wanna with your money who gives a sh*t. The point is y’all tryna call her racist and the KKK, but since when can black folks be racist? She’s human too. How many folks y’all done went off on on FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc? I guess a hit dog will holler if you thought she was referring to you. Maybe you’re one of the haters she’s talking about who posts the negative bullsh*t on Instagram! Some of y’all on here kill me. Y’all wanna act all black power and we can’t support black folks who hate themselves and what not, yet y’all ran and sat up in the theaters to see Kevin Hart in Ride Along and Think Like A Man 2 and he continuously states he hates “dark skinned” black women and says all kinda disrespectful sh*t about the black women (many of you) who support his little a-s, so y’all pick and choose which black celebs you’ll “allow” to degrade the black race before “responding with your wallets”. Phony a-s part-time pro-black people really get on my nerves.

        1. You again?! I can see why you’re a rebel. You have the exact same nasty attitude and anger issues as K. And you obviously do care that we’re not spending another dime on K Michelle’s ignorant tail because if you didn’t care you wouldn’t keep leaving the exact same comment about it. I mean really, why are your feelings so hurt? Damn let it go and accept it. 48 hours later and you’re still crying about it. We’re done with her and there’s nothing you can say to change that. Keep deflecting, it only make us feel good about our choice. #shrugs

        2. LMAO at all this crying y’all are doing because your fave is getting dragged and losing the little fans she did have!!!!! I love it!!!!!

        3. Who gives a sh-t if we support K anymore? Well umm…YOU do. How many times are you going to write the same comment about not caring sweetheart? Just a question.

          1. How many times are you going to reply to my comments? If you were done, why keep responding to my comments not directed at you dear?

    2. Y’all do a terrible job at supporting her then. Her album still hasn’t gone gold. And won’t. Is that why y’all are so in your feelings about us withdrawing support?

  7. I don’t like either of these people. They’re disgusting and a terrible representation of black women.

  8. Oh how the tables have turned! I told y’all months ago that K. Michelle was ignorant, uncouth and a loser but y’all were on here defending her hard and bashing Tamar remember? Now you see K is just a ratchet bird who can’t even be considerate of other black women! Say what you want about Tamar but she has never called black women nappy headed c-m catchers, untamed humans or monkeys has she? LMBO! I’m glad UB has awaken and now sees how trashy that K Michelle is! Y’all can always become Tamaritans!

    1. LOL. Are you really trying to start a stan war on here when honestly most people on here are no longer checking for either?

      1. LMAO no I think you need to learn the difference between woman and women. But let’s not talk about grammar boo because K Michelle doesn’t even have good grammar herself. 🙂

  9. Both of these chicks are washed. Wake me up when K Michelle can at least go gold. Her rebels are the laziest fan base I’ve ever seen next to Tamar’s. And Tamar is wack too. Both of those birds are so full of themselves but neither can sell albums. I’m sleep tho…

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