K Michelle Back at It

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day reality star and R&B singer K Michelle claimed she was done arguing with people on her Instagram account, and we felt it was a smart call considering she’s been making headlines more as of late for Instagram beefs than her actual music career.

However, it appears K Michelle’s promise to start ignoring negative Instagram comments didn’t last longer than a couple of days.

Recently she popped off on someone when they didn’t approve of a friend making K Michelle their #WCW (screenshot obtained by Sip The Tea):

k michelle instagram

The young woman K Michelle responded to claims she wrote the comment on a friend’s page and she was shocked the singer came for her because she didn’t even leave the comment on K Michelle’s Instagram page:

k michelle instagram 2


  1. Smh. How does she have the time to read every single thing written about her on Instagram? Isn’t that exhausting?

  2. So much for the whole “Well she only claps back at people who write mean stuff on her page!” argument. This chick actually goes on other people’s pages and cuts up too. That’s crazy.

  3. K cares too much about what other people think about her. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t be responding to every negative thing said. She’s not even that famous yet.

  4. Did no one teach her how to use the block button? I’m just trying to understand why K acts as if she has to respond to everything.

  5. Now if this doesn’t convince people that K michelle is bitter,immature, insecure,and petty I don’t know what will. So this is what we doing now stalking people pages to see what they say about you and calling them out their name. Truly pathetic.

  6. What that girl said wasn’t even that bad. But as always, it doesn’t take much to make K Michelle act up.

  7. LMBO!!!!! K is really stalking accounts now to see what strangers are saying about her? Damn she needs help!

  8. So I see she’s going to keep up her antics. She’ll be returning to Love & Hip Hop if she keeps this up because he music career won’t go anywhere like this.

  9. For someone who always tries to act like they don’t give a damn K Michelle sure does stay in her feelings and obsessing over IG comments. But I’m schleep…

  10. I knew she would be back to it in no time. It’s just who she is. But it will eventually be the reason she doesn’t blow up the way she wants to.

  11. Think about it guys… K. Michelle was obviously tagged in the picture that her friend had making k their WCW… So when she went to the picture and saw someone making judgment on her, K is entitle to respond back if she chooses. Also, K said is that she would stop going under her pics and reading the comments. So to me, she has not strayed away from what she said she was going to do. K. is not going to change over night so I would hope that you all allow her the time to change. Plus she is not going to loose fans over her clapping back at haters… the people who are complaining never had intentions of supporting her anyways so it really doesn’t matter much.

    1. She didn’t say she was just going to stop responding to negative comments on her pictures, she said all negative comments. And it doesn’t matter if she was tagged or not, why does she keep making time to read and respond to every single negative comment and mention? How is that productive? How has it helped her career? Did arguing on Instagram make her go platinum? Gold? What I do see it doing is turning people off. Even people who did buy her album.

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