Kenya Moore Gets Booed at Atlanta Concert

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA star Kenya Moore has been busy filming for the upcoming season of the hit reality show, so she’s been spotted around Atlanta quite a bit in the last several weeks. However, her appearance at the recent Boyz to Men and En Vogue concert resulted in her being booed.

According to blogger Talking With Tami, the audience was not pleased when Kenya stepped on the stage with Cynthia Bailey and former Atlanta Falcons player Jamal Anderson. The blogger writes:

Jamal thought it was a great idea to have two other local celebs help him introduce and bring out Boyz To Men. Cynthia Bailey hit the stage first and the crowd gave her moderate cheers but when reality diva Kenya Moore came out the boo’s got extremely loud! The crowd starting booing her and wouldn’t stop! It just got louder and louder! It was very obvious that the crowd was not feeling her! Kenya was basically standing there and laughed it off, she was so embarrassed and held her head down. She was a good sport about it though and didn’t say much on stage.



Luckily for Kenya, the Bravo cameras weren’t filming.


    1. This is going to be big news on the ricky smiley show. You know they love hating on kenya Moore…….that’s my first time hearing about this. Kenya don’t care, she just wants her fame. That’s my girl.

  1. I don’t know any Kenya fans in real life, so I’m not surprised. She ruined her legacy for realty television.

        1. Lol. They boo kenya because they know who she is. If they didn’t recognize her than they would keep quiet….it’s hard to break kenya, that’s why I like her.

          1. Umm do you even know the difference between infamous and famous sis? Infamous doesn’t mean people don’t know you. Infamous means people know you for something negative and bad. For example, Beyonce is famous and she’s celebrated so she’s a celebrity. Joseline Hernandez is infamous and not celebrated. I agree that Kenya is infamous and that’s why she was booed.

  2. Well that’s the thing with reality television. You have to act a fool to be entertaining and in real life it makes people not like you very much. Like I said in the beginning, she should have never done the show.

  3. I am not surprised. Kenya has really made a fool out of herself. I’m assuming she did RHOA because she really needed the money. I hope it is worth all of this.

  4. Serves her right. I’m pretty sure she’ll tweet she was booed cause everyone is ugly & jealous.

  5. “…she was so embarrassed and held her head down. She was a good sport about it though and didn’t say much on stage” — what was she gonna say though? Kenya only has a response when someone else on twitter writes it for her.

    1. Kenya don’t care. These people don’t pay her bills…She’s good at what she do. She can easily get under people skin, that’s why she’s fabulous.

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