K Michelle & Lil Kim Beef on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While everyone was on social media discussing last night’s performances at the VMAs, some artists were actually beefing with each other on Twitter.

K Michelle is no stranger to Twitter beefs and Instagram wars, but things escalated quickly when she referred to Nicki Minaj as the Queen of Rap on her Twitter account. The problem is she’s actually on good terms with Lil Kim too, so Kim’s fans went crazy in her mentions instantly.

K wasn’t having it though and clapped back in no time (read tweets from bottom to top):

k michelle twitter k michelle twitter 2

Kim wasn’t pleased (read tweets bottom to top):

lil kim twitter

K Michelle made it clear to Kim she felt Kim was too old to make an issue out of the tweets and of course Kim responded:

k michelle twitter 3

lil kim twitter 2


    1. lord jesus there’s nothing worse than 2 water signs arguing. it never ends LOL. team pisces –team cancer. AHAHAHA

  1. So this is very random. I didn’t even know they knew each other. But I have to side with K on this one even though I don’t care for her. It was petty of Kim to even respond the way she did. Stans will be stans, so why even get involved? And so what if K said Nicki is the current Queen of Rap? it doesn’t negate from what Kim has achieved. She’s being insecure.

  2. Kim and her stans are so salty. They need to get over it. Nicki is the queen of rap. That is why she was performing at the Grammys and Kim is at home breastfeeding.

  3. Lil Kim gets offended by everything now. Damn just sit all the way down. Let Nicki do her thing in peace. And LOL @ her saying she doesn’t hate.

  4. Kim let her stans hype her up for nothing. They are the ones that started with Kmichelle. Yea maybe K shouldn’t have responded but that’s not the point. Kim just goes crazy anytime somebody gives Nicki Minaj a compliment.

  5. Oh please. Kim doesn’t care about her fans. If she did she would finally release that mix tape. The real reason she was mad at K is because she called Nicki the Queen of Rap. She’s always in her feelings about Nicki. Smh.

  6. Explain to me how two grown women arguing on twitter about someone that’s performing when neither one of them were even nominated??? Maybe put that energy into their own careers!

  7. Lil Kim is ridiculous at this point. She’s taken this whole “Queen” thing too far. After watching her antics on David Tutera’s show, I realized she is delusional, full of herself and living a diva life that she has no claims to.

  8. K. gets on my nerves and she’s childish as hell but I’m not going to blame her for this one. Kim needs to sit her salty butt down. She foams at the mouth every time someone praises Nicki. She needs to get over herself.

  9. Misdirected anger. Kim is really just mad Nicki is winning. She needs to deal with that and stop lashing out at people.

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