Joseline Hernandez Sued for LHHATL Reunion Brawl

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Althea sues Joseline? It was revealed weeks ago that Joseline Hernandez attacked several of her fellow LHHATL cast mates at the reunion show, and it’s one of the reasons Benzino says he feels Joseline and Stevie should be fired from the show. Interestingly enough, one of Joseline’s victims Althea Heart has just slapped her with a lawsuit over the attack.

TMZ reports:

Althea Eaton has filed suit against Joseline Hernandez, who is caught on tape punching Althea in the face and dragging her to the ground … then hitting and scratching her for good measure.

In the suit, Althea claims eyewitnesses allegedly observed Joseline smoking crack cocaine out of a pipe backstage during the show. Althea believes Joseline was high as a kite when she attacked.



Now we heard from a little birdie that Althea’s lawsuit is strategic and nothing more than a stunt she’s hoping will guarantee another season for her and Benzino. But that’s just gossip of course.


  1. This is funny to me because wasn’t Tammy and Althea bragging about beating up Joseline? I guess that was a lie. LOL.

    1. Of course it was a lie. Joseline throws punches like a man. She’s not getting beat up by any woman on that show.

  2. I don’t believe Joseline was high at the time nor would she be dumb enough to drugs there and no cameras caught it. Benzino and his girl are so damn lame. Take the L with some damn dignity.

  3. But wasn’t Alpo just bragging a couple of weeks ago how she was the one that beat up Joseline. Suing Joseline but not suing Mona and vh1 she is not fooling anybody still trying to keep those checks going.

  4. Damn so Joseline really did put in that work then I see. I guess they have to lie and say she smoked crack to make excuses for why she whooped up on three people in one sitting.

  5. Joseline whooped that a-s and she’s trying to downplay that and say she was on crack. She’s weak as hell.

  6. Joseline was not playing with any of those girls. I really wish we could have seen this in the first part of the reunion. It was so bland.

  7. I cannot stand Althea, but I do think Jose’s a-s needs to learn to keep her fists off other people and on Stevie where they belong.

  8. Sooooo, she waits until the reunion airs to file suit? Oh ok. Nobody will take you seriously when you’re living your life at the disposal of reality television. All of this isht is entertainment. And it’s not even entertaining…….

  9. I don’t know why y’all condone Joselines ratchet a-s actions. Althea was sitting in her chair minding her business until Jose the Coke Head got up and put her hands on her. Whether you like Althea or not Joseline was in the wrong. And if it were me I’d sue her a-s right after the ordeal but you can’t sue anybody without evidence. Duh !

    1. Nobody is condoning anything. People are laughing at Althea because before the footage of the fight was out she was on twitter saying she beat up Joseline so bad her face was tore up. She obviously lied and she deserved to be dragged on here for it. Nothing more, nothing less. None of the people on this show are classy anyway, All of them are clowns.

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