K Michelle Checks Up and Coming Singer

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star and R&B singer K Michelle knows better than anyone else how hard it is to establish a career in today’s music business, and she’s not opposed to taking to social media to express her frustrations often.

Although she did claim she was done responding to negativity or any other comments she’s not pleased with on her Instagram account, she couldn’t resist checking the up and coming singer who opened one of her shows recently.

After the singer claimed she made the show her own, K clapped back with the following (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

k michelle instagram


  1. K gets on my last nerves but that singer should not have said she made the show her own. Damn these new singers don’t have an ounce of professionalism abut them. Then they wonder why they can’t get on top. Birds.

  2. There’s no doubt K. really had to go out her way and find this comment. Again, why does she have time for this kind of stuff?

  3. I need K to log off Instagram and get her damn mind right. Everything doesn’t require a response. She gets a lot of positive comments too but ignores them. Why is that?

  4. LOL. This was so dumb. Both of them need to grow up. When you’re an opening act you need to be respectful of the artist you’re opening up for because you don’t want to burn bridges when you’re trying to make a name for yourself. And K needs to stop going off on every negative comment. She should be too busy to read everything people write about her. If she’s not, she needs to stop her game up and get her career popping.

  5. K Michelle spends to much time on social media,if she invested as much in her career as she did stalking ppl’s accounts then maybe,just maybe she’ll be invited to attend the Grammys.Highly unlikely tho cause they only invite ppl with real talent

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