Keri Hilson Has Had Enough

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keri Hilson often takes to her social media accounts to vent her frustrations with trollish behavior and recently she broke down after the BeyHive’s stings became too much. But now the singer is taking to Twitter to vent again and this time it’s about her current relationship with NBA star Serge Ibaka.

Apparently Keri is fed up with some women trying to snatch up her boo via Instagram DMs, so she tweeted the following recently (read tweets from top to bottom):

keri hilson twitter

keri hilson twitter 2

keri hilson twitter 3


  1. Women have always been thirsty and more interested in men who are not available. Social media didn’t start anything. It’s always been that way. If anything, social media just puts a magnifying glass on how things have always been.

  2. If she’s waiting for other women to respect her relationship she will be waiting for f-cking ever. These hoes don’t give a damn. Serge is fine as hell though.

  3. I feel what she’s saying, but unfortunately that seems to come with the territory nowadays. If you don’t want it, get off social media. And yes, some women have absolutely no scruples, and no problem letting you know it either. It’s a damn epidemic!

  4. Has Keri been hiding under a rock? A lot of females don’t respect a man being in a relationship. This didn’t just start when Facebook and Twitter were created. It’s always been like that. Social media just made it easier because now everyone is just a DM away.

  5. I don’t have a problem with anything she said she is absolutely correct some women nowadays have no morals and no shame. But I will say that the moment Serge slips up and shows any woman attention she will get blasted watch and see she put a target on her back.

  6. Serge is handsome and a NBA player. There will be women throwing it at him. It’s not right but it’s just how it is.

  7. It doesn’t matter if he gets off IG or not, hell some birds will be waiting on him after the games. They have no shame. He has to be the one to shut them down. They don’t give a damn what Keri has to say. And that’s any relationship. Women like taken men. You can call these females out all day but they won’t sit down until your man tells them to.

  8. Women have been throwing themselves at my husband before Instagram even existed. Nothing new. Her situation isn’t unique. But if she has a good man, Serge will do the right thing and won’t entertain the foolishness.

  9. Well aren’t side chicks being glamorized now? Look at all these reality shows. Even Kim K was Kanye’s side chick before they got married. I think women are more reckless about it because everywhere they turn they see the side chicks winning and getting the man at the end. Didn’t D Wade just marry Gabby too? Just keeping it 100.

  10. No lies detected but umm, so what happened to her music career? The only time we hear about her now is when she’s either breaking up or getting back together with Serge. I like a few of her songs…

    1. Like most R&B singers now, she pretty much got lazy after getting with Serge. They get a NBA player and just stop caring I guess.

  11. I see someone is acting up and pissing Keri off. I wonder who the video vixen is. Anyway, her and Serge look so cute together.

  12. I was just talking about this the other day. Weird. Anyway, I can relate to how she feels. I wonder all the time why women can be so cold to one another and pursue taken men. I can’t do it.

  13. I know how she feels. My man isn’t even in the NBA and the thirst buckets stay in his DMs. I had to drag one last week. B-tch.

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