Olivia Takes Shots at Rich Dollaz, Rich Fires Back

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is there a Rich Dollaz and Olivia beef in the works? We told you months ago that Olivia parted ways with Rich Dollaz professionally and Rich has remained on “Love and Hip Hop New York” while Olivia was fired after season three.

While it was originally speculated that they were still on good terms despite the professional parting of ways, it’s pretty clear now that the friendship may be done too.

In a recent interview with The Biz With D, Olivia shades Rich for remaining on the reality show despite her departure. She says:

“Why stay on the show when your storyline was me?”

Rich wasn’t happy with Olivia’s comments, so he clapped back with the following (screenshot obtained by VH1 Access):

rich dollaz twitter


In a few more tweets that were also deleted, Rich also suggested Olivia find herself a baller to take care of her since her music career has stalled.


  1. Both of them are idiots. Olivia should have fired Rich a long time ago he did nothing for her career. Rich will forever and ever be a idiot for letting a bird like Erica Mena play him. Furthermore he talking about Olivia career being non existent but he was her manager for years that’s a reflection on him he sucked at being a manager.

  2. Oh whatever. He didn’t do his job as a manager to begin with.That’s why he wanted to do the show in the first palace.

  3. This is why you never do business with friends. Anyway, Olivia failing says more about him as a manager than it does her as an artist. And the fact that he stayed on the show after she was fired says even more.

  4. He was definitely her manager and on the show “because of” her… but she wasn’t his storyline. With everything he had going on with Erica Mena, he became his own story line. When she saw she was no longer a priority, she should have bizounced.

  5. As unprofessional as his comments were, unfortunately I see no lies. Olivia is whack and lacks personality. The two lames should stay together and further contribute nothing to society.

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