K Michelle Calls out Hypocrisy of LHHATL Cast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle may no longer be starring on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” but the R&B singer and reality star says she’s still on good terms with Joseline Hernandez and no longer has any issues with Mimi Faust.

Interestingly enough, K watched the reunion just like everyone else, and she feels it was very hypocritical of the cast to slam Joseline’s violent actions when they have also been violent on the hit show themselves and most of them have their own issues.

She tweets (read tweets from top to bottom):

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    1. I disagree with you guys, K. Michelle and Joseline have a quick temper and lack control over their actions. Yes most of the cast did have their moments however they had control over actions. Majority of arguments and fights were brought on by K. Michelle and Joseline do the math. I’m lol because that’s what it do.

      1. Sorry, I’m not one of these people running around here thinking anyone on this show is better than the other. Some of y’all are picking favorites and placing some of these people on pedestals when the truth is they are all ratchets. None of them have proven they can control their actions and that is why this show is the most watched in the whole franchise. Do the math. So I think people need to stop trying to get on soap boxes now because y’all have known what this show was about since season one. I have seen all of them get violent and be deplorable except Ms. Deb. And that is the truth. This show will not survive without Stevie and Joseline, but I hope they are fired so the main ones complaining can see that for themselves.

  1. I agree. I didn’t like how they all sat on that stage and trashed Joseline like any of them are better. Erica made a fool out of herself by bragging about Scrappy “tasting” her at some cheap hotel while he was with Bambi (and despite that he was only concerned for Bambi when the fights broke out), Erica fought Joseline and tried to fight Momma Dee with her mom, Karlie got into with K and fought Young Joc’s boo, Mimi made a sextape for a storyline, Ariane is phony, Rasheeda tried to fight K Michelle twice…I mean I can go on.

    1. Yeah I was embarrassed for Erica because Scrappy wasn’t even thinking about her safety when Joseline went off. Scrappy went straight for Bambi and held her hand and got her out of there. He keeps making Erica look stupid.

  2. I honestly think Mona wanted them to sink their own ships. By trashing Joseline the way they did, it just made viewers realize they are hypocrites and not even needed for the show’s success. So when Mona fires most of them (which she will), no one will be upset about her decision. Mona is always playing chess.

    1. LOL. You and me are on the same page. I’m starting to think Mona wants to get rid of most of them and they just made it easier for her.

    2. I think you’re on to something. I mean Mona tends to only keep people around for three seasons tops if they aren’t carrying the show. I can see her getting rid of Rasheeda and Kirk, Mimi, Erica D, Scrappy/Momma Dee, Benzino/Althea, and the Diddy girl. And Ariane is leaving to do LHHNY I heard. The ATL cast will get a huge revamp and I can see Mona keeping Joc, Karlie, Stevie and Joseline. I think everyone else is gone.

        1. Because they were the only ones who didn’t bash Joseline. I’ve always wondered if Karlie was close to Mona because she keeps a good relationship with Mona’s two favorites (K and Joseline). I don’t think that’s a coincidence. And Joc did very well with viewers. He will be back.

  3. K is absolutely right. The fact that the cast s pent the rest of the do night acting like most of them never threw a dish or a glass at each other, was ridiculous.

    But even after all that, Mona needs to figure out a way to tame the beast that is Joseline or she’s really going to hurt someone.

  4. I think she’s 100% correct. The criticisms they had for Joseline were laughable because we’ve seen them be just as ratchet on numerous occasions. I think they are really just mad Joseline and Stevie are the stars of the show. Even Mimi’s tape didn’t change that.

  5. Glad somebody saw the same show I say cause all of them ratchet cast members, need to now if some information came out on their bullsh-t, they would make Joseline look like an angel. I hope they punk a-s’s read this site cause they need to know we know they are not who they pretend to be. They better hope Joseline stays cause she and Stevie are the show.

  6. No lies detected. All of them are on the same level to me. You got Erica’s ratchet a-s trying to fight her child’s grandmother on TV with her mom, Momma Dee can’t even spell b-tch right, Karlie is damn her 50 and still fighting over men, Mimi is Mimi, Rasheeda has tried to fight K on numerous occasions and faked marriage problems for a check. Benzino was bragging about hitting Joseline in the mouth and his girl has slept with most of the men on the show. They are all a hot mess in their own way. We’ve known that since season one.

  7. True. And Mimi really got on my nerves. She never takes ownership for all of her mess. Never. It is always someone else’s fault. I wanted to turn the TV off when she tried to blame Stevie for why she made that sextape.

  8. A lot of people feel the same way as K. Them talking about how Joseline needs help made them appear very hypocritical especially when we have seen them have their own ratchet issues.

  9. K is right on this!! I hate how everyone tried to stand on soap box after the fact like they are some sort of symbol of class. LOL.

  10. I honestly just think it’s jealousy. I mean all of them for the most part have shown us they aren’t opposed to violence, even Tammy tried to fight Joseline and was the aggressor in the bar and Joseline was the one who walked off then. But now Tammy is opposed to violence? Is it because Joseline snatched that weave ponytail out her head?

  11. I agree with K and believe it or not Karlie was the only one not really bashing Joseline and being a hypocrite. The rest of them act like they never fought on the show.

    1. Karlie is smart. She caught on fast and realized all the people bashing Joseline were hurting themselves. Mona was just weeding them all out. Karlie is on the right team.

  12. Yeah I’m over everyone trying to single Joseline and Stevie out like they are the only messed up people on the show.

  13. Please, I do agree that most of the cast have their issues and they’ve had their own fights so it was kinda funny to see them up there talking about Joseline, but she is the one who CHOSE to act a fool on the reunion show. No one made her. And K. Michelle is one to talk herself, because how many of those past fights and arguments involved her crazy behind. And let’s be clear if she had still been Mimi’s friend, she probably would’ve used this opportunity to take her own shots at Joseline. Now that she’s “friends” with Joseline it’s “Oh, the hypocrisy”. Chile please. Besides the fact Joseline is the first one to throw her own shade and throw her shots at folks l with her fake marriage certificate having behind. So hey, all is fair on the air. She acted crazy on the air period and I don’t condone the behavior period. And the fact that Mona Scott Young would consign this crap says a lot about her.

    1. “And K. Michelle is one to talk herself, because how many of those past fights and arguments involved her crazy behind.”

      Umm that was K’s whole point though. She’s saying none of them are better than Joseline because they have all been violent and ratchet on the show, herself included so judging her makes them hypocrites.

  14. Did everyone watch the same show. Joseline and Stevie J chose to get their grown behinds up out of their chairs, walk over to 2 other people and start fighting. Up until that point only WORDS had been said. Realistically, just walking up and hitting someone can get a person arrested. So after all of the drama and fighting, a decision was made to air parts of the fights. So what was supposed to happen. Act like nothing happened? Please it HAD to be discussed. No way around it. Those two chose to act like fools, so hey they got talked about like they were some fools. Joseline throws her shots when she feels like it, so shots got thrown at her. Oh well.

    1. Sorry, I disagree. Everyone on that show has proven themselves to be ratchet and violent. And there is always some sort of violence or almost violence on the reunion shows. LHHATL has never been known for class. And they talked about Joseline and Stevie for the rest of part two because let’s be real here, those two are the whole show and it has been that way since season one. I predict most of them will be fired anyway, and Joseline and Stevie will be back yet again because they are the show.

  15. The only people I care about on this show is Joseline and Stevie. Everyone else is dispensable. So I’m glad they made the whole reunion about Stevie and Joseline. Thanks for only talking about the people who matter Mona. #shrugs

  16. I agree with K. That was some bullsh-t. How are they gonna let the whole show be about stevie and joseline on drugs. Everybody thinks they need help, but they doggin em….if it wasn’t for them, No One would be gettin paid.

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