Benzino Still Exposing Joseline and Stevie J

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Benzino is still fuming about what went down at the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion, and he’s been calling for producers to kick Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez off the show and feels like the violence was set up by Mona Scott Young.

Given the backlash Benzino has been receiving on social media for hitting Joseline, he’s still giving his side of things on his social media accounts.

Just a couple of hours ago, he even claimed he actually paid bills for Stevie and Joseline recently. He posted the following to Instagram:

benzino instagram


  1. I want this grown a-s man to stop saying “BAEBAE” like it’s appropriate. Secondly, he can’t talk about anyone whoring themselves out for that VH1 money because even after Mona’s gutter a-s said it was a blessing he got shot (ratings), Benzino’s dumb a-s still wants to do another season. Like I said on the other posts, all of these people are on the same damn level. All of them are conniving, lying, RATCHETS. For one to try to pretend otherwise is laughable.

  2. Whatever. I really think the real tea is Benzino is just jealous Joseline and Stevie are the stars and his fake relationships can’t change it.

    1. Yep! Benzino is just salty that Stevie and Joseline confirmed that they have their own show coming out! He’s putting in all this work, but there is no way Mona is going to have his no-neck a-s, or his gold-digging side kick be the stars of the show.

  3. I guess he’s mad people have been dragging him on Twitter. I still don’t think it’s cool he punched Joseline. Althea is a grown a-s woman ( a real man would have just restrained Joseline btw). Don’t say in one breath you had to protect Althea from Joseline and in the next she’s a harmless fraud who was just faking for the cameras? If she’s faking it then why the hell did he hit her with a real sucker punch? He contradicts himself too much.

  4. Benzino is truly pathetic can’t keep Stevie and Joseline name out of his mouth for nothing in this world. Why is he blasting this info now let me guess because Stevie and Joseline just announced their show. Karlie said it on the reunion and she was right Benzino is jealous of them that’s why he snatched up the first thot in his sight and wifed her.

  5. Benzino acts more like an ex boyfriend to Stevie than former friend. He’s too emotional about this. He’s the one who signed up for a reality show that depends on racthetness to get ratings. If he thinks he’s too good for it now, he can leave and take his boring “fiancee” with him. They won’t be missed.

  6. Boy shut up. We know they are broke coke heads and they are still the only reason most people watch the show. Now stop giving us cold tea!

  7. Now he’s trying to call out Stevie and Joseline and say how grimy they are, yet he’s throwing them under a bus and putting their business on blast. How is that not hypocritical?

  8. Booohooo at this point I dont think any1 cares about WTF he has to say or any1 else that was poppin shyt about Joseline and Stevie has to say. Benzino ain’t shyt and neither is that hoe he wifed. I like Joseline and Stevie at least they kept it 1000 since the show began showin that they ain’t shyt and they been a good entertainment of bullshyt….nothin has changed. Stevie still acts Hollywood and lies. Joseline still talks shyt and fights…..they still the SAME!!!!

  9. I’m not giving Joseline and Stevie a pass, but this letter reads like he’s jealous. Why is he so upset that Joseline and Stevie have fans? Or that they are the stars? It’s been that way since the first season. That’s how reality television works. The more messed up you are, the better the ratings. He sounds real salty.

  10. The more he comes for them, the faker he looks. And let’s not forget he was so thirsty to make Stevie look bad that he threw his own chick under the bus by releasing those photos of her with Stevie.

  11. Bezina is a b-tch, what kind of man talk like this? Only a b-tch a-s man. Smh, his girl is a whore and he don’t even know it. Even rasheeda said thi thi got around. She’s a opportunist.

  12. Wow seems like a lot of followers on this page. Stevie and Joseline where dead wrong. They got out of their seats and attacked Althea and Benzino. What they got after that is what they got. And by the way when your high on cocaine you cant feel a thing thus Joseline didn’t even stumble from that hit from Zino. But anyway, I just think he is hurt because of the loss of the friendship and all he’s done for Stevie and Joseline. Anyone would be pissed to feel like a friend took advantage of them or just shi&&ed on them.

    1. You sound real childish. People aren’t followers because the majority share the same opinion. Grow up. Benzino, Stevie, Joseline and Althea have been been taking dirty shots at each other for weeks. Are Stevie and Joseline crying about it? No. They know what they signed up for. Nobody is a victim here. This show has always been ratchet entertainment since season one, so why are you in your feelings NOW? I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all fake and all of them are cool and playing the public for ratings. So it’s really not that serious to most of us. To us, it’s just a reality show full of ratchets and we don’t feel any of these people are better than the other nor take them seriously. So calm down. It’s a reality show for crying out loud. Smh.

    2. We’re followers because you don’t like our comments? Oh, you’ll live. But anyway, your comment reads like fake outrage. You say Joseline and Stevie were wrong, but then you’re defending Benzino punching Joseline (a woman) and say it was ok because she was high at the time and didn’t even stumble. Seriously? This is why I’m not taking Benzino or the fake outrage from his supporters seriously (and I’m sure VH1 isn’t either). All of these people are on the same level and y’all weren’t mad about the violence on the show before so don’t try to be all high and mighty now. But whatever. Do you.

    3. this is true also. at some point when you’re old enough to know the story about the frog (or whatever) who carried the scorpion across the water, then you can be mad at them, but you gotta be more mad at yourself.

  13. Benzino wants to be the star and so does his chick. So I think Mona should give Stevie and Joseline their own show, and let Benzino and the rest of the wannabes carry the show since they think they can. And when it flops, then maybe all 5 of Benzino’s fans will understand why most of us aren’t falling for his crocodile tears. This reality show lives off drama and violence. The Atlanta show has been giving us that since season one. We wouldn’t even be talking about Benzino now if he wasn’t beefing with the real stars of the show. Benzino and his 5 fans need to get off their soapboxes because they are being real hypocritical right now.

  14. i believe benzino.

    but he shouldnt have invited them over already knowing the deal. unless im wrong for thinking that they were twitter beefing long before a month ago.

    1. Exactly. He keeps make shady little comments about Mona and the producers. That rarely ends well if you are not the star of the show.

  15. He really is a b-tch a-s!!!Go find some neck and get rid of that whore that has been passed around like a joint in the A.

  16. Too be real all 4 of them are fake a-s hell. Everybody knows that their favorite fake cpl is broke living in rented mansions in on the southeast side of A and driving a rented used eclass lol. But who gives a fk. And have u ever heard joseline or Althea on the radio lol. Stevie and benzino are 50 y/O seniors trying to be pimps. Negros sit down. Sorry for the grammar just didn’t feel like I should waste more than 2 mins of my time lol

  17. How can Benzino hit a woman regadless how joseline is u don’t put yr hands on a woman. He so pathetic all he does is just talk shitt. He sure acts like a woman to me.

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